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Idris and Sabrina Elba partnered with the French label on a collection, named in honor of MLK, that benefits 5 non-profit organizations around the world.

Words by Kerry Pieri


Like the beginning of so many stories now, this one begins on Instagram. Idris and Sabrina Elba did a live discussion last June with one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, Opal Tometi. Christian Louboutin was listening in at the time and after the talk he told his friends how powerful, moving and hopeful he found it, saying “I’m proud of you, and I’m here for you.” The result of that moment is the co-creation of a two-chapter collection. The lineup features styles including red-bottom pumps and sneakers showcasing Strelitzia reginae or “Mandela’s Gold”—a plant that symbolizes empathy, hope, and freedom named for the late South African political leader and revolutionary—and the phrase “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” written in script in Louboutin red. Idris saw the sentiment at the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Los Angeles and recognized it as a larger call to action to help around the world—from combatting racial injustice in the US to aiding girls in need in Sierra Leone.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes capsule collection

One hundred percent of the proceeds made from this collection will go directly to five non- profit organizations—Humanitarian relief charity Be Rose supports vulnerable people in need of emergency assistance and empowers widows to care for their families through agribusiness; Purposeful is a grassroots organization that provides mentorship for girls; The Immediate Theatre in East London reinforces the message that access to the arts should be available to all; The Somali Hope Foundation provides access to education for underprivileged children; Gathering for Justice, Founded by Harry Belafonte, is committed to a mission to end child incarceration, centering nonviolence as a foundation for civic and social justice engagement. Shop the full collection now on

Walk a Mile in My Shoes by Christian Louboutin


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