#BenderaPutih: Need help? Here’s Where You Can Get a Food Box


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The recent rounds of lockdown have rendered more people struggling to make ends meet and put enough food on the table. As the pandemic continues to challenge the nation, Malaysian’s have taken it upon themselves to help those who need it with the #BenderaPutih movement that’s seen all over social media.

Those who wish to receive assistance are invited to raise a white flag outside their homes or wherever they are. A message of encouragement is also seen accompanying these posts, which translates to, “Don’t be ashamed. Raise your flags high so those surrounding you are aware. #KitaJagaKita.”



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It is indeed a brilliant and effective initiative that gives the ability for those in need to receive help without having them plead. Aside from this initiative, several other businesses have also continued their efforts in helping the low-income communities by offering free food or boxes to help them stay afloat. If you or someone your know is in dire need of food and essentials, here’s where you can head to.

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99 Speedmart

Running until 14th July, the convenience store chain responds to the #BenderaPutih movement by providing up to 1,000 free food packages daily straight to homes that are affected.

To contact, WhatsApp 010-500 0099 or DM the 99speedmart Facebook account along with details of the housing address and picture of the home with the white flag.

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