Personal Style: Elaine Chan, Founder and Owner of Macaroon Wardrobe

Personal Style: Elaine Chan, Founder and Owner of Macaroon Wardrobe

The founder of Macaroon Wardrobe and former model on her style icons and the business of fashion.

Style is an attitude, a way of life, and it’s how you share your personal story with the entire world,” says Elaine Chan, founder and owner of Macaroon Wardrobe as we discussed the topic of personal style over a cup of freshly brewed coffee at her fabulous abode in Desa Sri Hartamas. You would have never thought that this statuesque beauty was a late bloomer to the fashion game, “Back in the day, I used to dress rather conservatively,” says Chan, before further commenting, “These days I am happy to experiment with new trends as long as it makes me look good and feel great.”

Accessories do all the talking in this gingham-and-denim combo

Chan owns and runs Macaroon Wardrobe, a fashion boutique in Kuala Lumpur which she started back in 2016. “To me, I’d like to believe that our business goes beyond just selling clothes and accessories. With more retailers opting for E-commerce, we wanted to continue to offer a  more intimate and traditional shopping experience focusing on customer service and interaction” says Chan. “It is one way for us to add value to our products in a way online simply can’t duplicate.”


Elaine looking pretty in pink with a C/Meo Collective top, MSGM jacket and AQ/AQ pants

Bold, elegant and polished—these are the words that Chan used to describe her personal style. The 40-year-old entrepreneur notes that her career as a model back in the 90’s first sparked her interest for fashion. “It was not up until then did I realize the true power of dressing and how it can alter your physical appearance and how it makes you feel emotionally.” A perfect example would be her pairing of a polka-dot blouse and asymmetrical skirt combo from Macaroon Wardrobe, with white 50’s inspired kitten heels from Dior and steely accessories gives a fresh update on a monochromatic classic.

Another classic Chan signature aesthetic includes injecting a dose of hyperfeminity into the remix. For her second look, she opted for an all-pink look; dramatic ruffled pink top from C/Meo Collective and tailored high-waisted trousers from AQ/AQ paired with eclectic MSGM tweed jacket and a pair of chic Valentino pumps. In between shots, Chan spoke warmly about her favourite fashion designer, Olivier Rousteing, whom she admires. “I love what he (Olivier) has done for the brand.  His bright, sexy and youthful designs appeals to people of all ages –something that is tough for most brands to achieve these days,” she explains.

As a mother of two, Chan is all for female empowerment and it comes with no surprise that Victoria Beckham is high on her list of style icons that she adores. “She is one of top female success stories of our time. On top of being a powerhouse entrepreneur, she is a devoted wife and loving mother to four kids and I respect her for having that balance,” she muses. Citing laughter as the best medicine, when asked who she would want to be trapped on an island with, she replied without hesitation, “Jennifer Lawrence! She seems like a person who is always up for fun and a good laugh.” In that regard, Chan incorporates similar lightness into her style “Life can be grey and dull, so you may as well have fun while you’re at it!”


Elaine Chan’s Top Picks

24k Magic by Bruno Mars


Sex and the City 2


Bracelet, Chanel


Shoes, Dior


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