Unlock the City’s Most Coveted Closets

BAZAAR speak to Stephanie Crespin, Founder of Style Tribute, a pre-loved destination that has been trend setting with its throve of rare finds. In true spirit of the brand’s bold persona, Style Tribute is changing things up with a dash of novelty. The online shopping portal has launched a campaign showcasing the multi-faceted lives of a few Malaysian women who embody the essence of fashion balanced with identity points that mirror the Style Tribute brand: unique eclecticism, adventure in self expression and a final polish of finessed confidence that is audacious yet humble.

BAZAAR has the details of why, how and who on the #UnlockingHerWardrobe campaign in an exclusive interview with the creative brainchild behind this local initiative. A special ShopBAZAAR edit awaits your discerning tastebuds as we select the top buys from Style Tribute’s curated collection of items near and far the fashion stratosphere. BAZAAR has set eyes on Sheena Liam, one of the few women to adorn Stephanie’s master cut of leading ladies to unlock Style Tribute to Malaysians with spirited prowess. See exclusive snaps of Sheena Liam on location of her shoot with Style Tribute lensed by none other than Stephanie herself.

Image Courtesy of Stephanie Crespin

Image Courtesy of Stephanie Crespin

Why did you want to unlock wardrobes?  

#UnlockingHerWardrobe came about very organically, it came to fruition many of our regular collectors who sell their wardrobe with us have incredible lives and interesting stories. While some impress us with the high-life of the new ‘jet-set’ while others simply illuminate through their personalities and versatile careers. You will get that odd, special case where you find someone who is quirky and individual who spent years trademarking a particular style emblematic to an era, or trend like vintage clothing or even a fashion habit that has grown to become statement to their identity. A story emanates from each of the wardrobes we raid and we decided they were worth sharing. To sum it up, we want to pay homage and give tribute to some of the most exquisite dressers, collectors and style makers we knew of due to the nature of our business. We wanted to share their wardrobes with the world the way they have so kindly done so to us.

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Other contenders include Kim Raymond and an eclectic latest addition, Zaihani Mohd Zain (shop here!) | Image: Style Tribute

What was the criteria for selecting these women of style?

Our mission statement upon embarking on this campaign is simply to seek women of style and provide them with the platform to take self-expression to another level by fostering the same For this campaign specifically our ethos was centred around diversity, the lifestyles of these women had to be of contrast. From the young, spunky top-model, to a well-seasoned interior designer, a mentor to aspiring designers and lastly, a mother of two with a fervent entrepreneurial drive. The starring ladies of Style Tribute’s #UnlockingHerWardrobe all dance to a different beat. How we chose these ladies came down to the below,

Discernible style, meaning that when unlocking their wardrobe, we are able to distinguish apparent character traits.

A passion for dressing up in their own unique way bringing forth a personal quirk that evokes the fun in fashion.

A story to share – be it a professional one, a strong experience or a controversial view/take on life.

Why Sheena?

I met Sheena at an event and was immediately charmed by her slightly subversive yet fresh and delicate mannerisms. We both made an escape for the cigar room where we shared cigarettes and discussed about frivolous topics. We spoke deeply on her experience on a big machine of a reality show which stayed etched in my memory. We remained in contact as I was looking to purchase MY street art for my husband’s birthday and she let me into the different art styles of some of her friends. I then shared with her the concept I was building for #UnlockingHerWardrobe and asked her if she wanted to participate. The rest was history.


Image Courtesy of Stephanie Crespin

Sheena’s sense of style is best described as feminine without the archetype girly stuff but more towards the new feminine. An aesthetic that is minimalist rock yet urban and contemporary. The key takeaway from Sheena is that I deeply appreciate her humility and her down-to-earth principles and values which has kept her refreshingly grounded albeit the limelight.


Image Courtesy of Stephanie Crespin

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