Stylish Activewear to Inspire Your Next Workout

From left: Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber. Photos by Getty Images

You know you’re supposed to work out and you feel your body becoming lethargic by the day and yet, why does it feel so hard to just get up and exercise? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of reasons that might be at play here; you may feel exhausted from working from home all day, you may not have a conducive environment for working out, or the lockdown is testing your motivation, making your usual routine feel like a huge chore.

As with anything, the first step to following through with an activity is by getting ready. You might not feel inspired to work out just yet, but the right gear, especially if it's cute and comfortable while delivering great performance will take you one step closer in the right direction. Here, we’ve compiled an edit of stylish activewear that will help boost your confidence and perhaps give you the spark of motivation you’re looking for.

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The cut-out chest design and the striking teal colour are a winning style combo. Not only that, the fabric is powered by Everlux™, Lululemon’s highly breathable and fast-drying fabric. This helps regulate body heat and sweat, so all you need to worry about is focusing on your workout. Extremely supportive, the material is made with added Lycra® fibre for stretch and shape retention.

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