Visit the gorgeous Dior Cruise Pop-Up at The Gardens Mall

Head over to the Dior Cruise pop-up and shop your favourite pieces.

There’s always something magical about Christmas and this season, Dior brings the magic to us in the form of a stunning pop-up complete with your favourite collectibles from the Maison. The Dior Cruise pop-up at The Gardens Mall is a sight to behold. Inspired by the richness and history of Andalusian heritage and savoir-faire, the pop-up features whimsical artworks by Pietro Ruffo in white and blue, adorned with lavish sprinkles of gold. Complementing the extensive setup, “delicate sketches adorn the different sections of the captivating pop-up store, sublimating the setting with celestial arabesques” that delight.

At the dedicated pop-up store, discover the Maison’s Cruise 2023 collection. From ready-to-wear to accessories, take your time to discover the endless charm of each unique piece available in store. To note, the iconic Lady Dior and its contemporary sibling the Lady D-Joy, steal the spotlight this season. Decorated with vibrant colour palettes and romantic floral motifs, the bags are simply irresistible.

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Scarlet Dreams

Multicolour Dior Jardin Botanique Embroidery Medium Lady D-Lite Bag.

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