#TheStreetReport Fashion Monologues Presents Koh Li Tim

BAZAAR’s Street Report team have combed the boulevards of Kuala Lumpur to find the best sartorial action from our local street-style set. Follow #TheStreetReport‘s Fashion Monologues for your daily dose of trend setters as we unveil the city’s most happening scene makers.

The first thing you ought to know about Tim is he truly is the catch of the day. So catch him if you can in and around the snazziest scenes of the city, dressed in either casual-cool perfection or dappered up suits at black tie affairs (just the usual agenda for this man about town). Big lights, big city, flashing bulbs aside, Tim is unique – perhaps what makes Tim not only dripping with a swag that is drool-worthy is his kindness and humility. Never missing a chance to say hello with such poise, he radiates sincerity with every conversation, a rare trait that #TheStreetReport team at BAZAAR appreciate. Thank you, Tim for allowing us to share your timeless style moments. Ladies & Gents, a visual feast of style (and substance) awaits you.


Image Courtesy of Koh Li Tim

A true style chameleon that retains a consistent aesthetic of beige, denim and earthy colours, but alike to any style-setter, he throws caution into the wind with a fashion trend that simultaneously walks the runway (and boulevards) at the iconic fashion capitals.


Image Courtesy of Koh Li Tim

In his own words, Tim describes his personal style…

Hmm I’d like to think that the things I put together are effortless and uncomplicated, and wearable day to day. I tend to mix high end, sleek things and make them street and casual. I love the different silhouettes high end and street wear make when combined.


Image Courtesy of Koh Li Tim


Image Courtesy of Koh Li Tim

What brings a flavour of distaste to this gentleman? 

I really dislike the Fendi monster anything, especially the shoes and accessories, bags for men. Think it should be left to the ladies. It’s definitely not cute for men ? #smh


Image Courtesy of Koh Li Tim


Image Courtesy of Koh Li Tim

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