The Virgil Glossary

Hot on the heels of the French maison’s latest menswear drop in Kuala Lumpur — here, your complete guide to season’s most hyped-up collection, as told by Louis Vuitton menswear creative director, Virgil Abloh.

A for Accessomorphosis
A portmanteau describing the evolution of an accessory into a garment.

B for Bags
In the eyes of Virgil Abloh, bags are the ultimate expression of utility. For Spring/Summer ’19 mens, pieces are derived from the maison’s icons, and transformed via the designer’s 3% methodology.

C for Collar
Menswear detailing at the neck, indispensable of formalwear. This season, its tips are clipped — reminiscent of a bookmark.

D for Denim
A workingman’s fabric. The designer Virgil Abloh was raised on the Nineties’s washed-out Levi’s jeans.

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E for Electric
Highlighter-neon hues bring life to utility jackets, shape-shifting harnesses, and accessories.

F for Futuristic
The iconic Keepall gets an update: this time, in prismatic, light-bending hues.

G for Gloves
Take note: the colours of the collection’s gloves are purposely matched to its leather goods.

H for Harness
A term denoting a means of safekeeping, and the conversion of a decorative object into useful ornamentation.

I for Ingenious
Form meets function. Think: modular accessories, and a utility belt featuring three different bags.

J for Jewellery
High-octane bling gets swapped out for ceramics or unrarefied metals, celebrating a contrast of high-low juxtaposition.

K for Kanye 
A mentor and friend to Virgil Abloh. Also, on the front row of the collection’s Spring/Summer ’19 show.

L for Luxury
Redefining the codes of luxury, Virgil Abloh’s irreverent mix of street and French savoir-faire sets a new course for the maison.

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M for Motto
“Good style is always off-putting.” – Virgil Abloh.

N for Normcore
The irony of a generation raised on extravagance, and the make-do and mend sensibility of those with access to it.

O for Oz
Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, the collection tells a tale of the designer’s journey from a civil engineering graduate, to fashion’s upper echelons.

P for Palette
Namecheck them all within this season’s collection: black, white, off-white, taupe, Ruby shoe-red, brick road-yellow, tin man-metallic, garland-green and rainbow.

R for Rationale
The approach for this season’s Louis Vuitton men’s Spring/Summer ’19 collection. Looks are designed and styled employing the construction of a top layer, a bottom layer, a mid-layer, and an outer layer.

S for Silhouette
“Revert against stiff and formal. Look as comfortable as you feel.”- Virgil Abloh.

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T for Tie-dye
Often used to illustrate a state of euphoria, the technique holds nostalgic values to those educated at the University of Wisconsin, the foremost “hippie” college of all time.

U for Unity
Though the show was attended by industry insiders, thousands of art students from all over the world were invited, as a means of inspiring youths.

V for Vests
The collection’s MVP, as seen on the runway in crayola-bright hues, adorned with multiple pouches, and knitted in cement-grey wool.

Y for Yellow Brights
Bright yellow accents liven up Virgil Abloh’s street-heavy collection, paired against serene blues and psychedelic tie-dyes.