Where To Get Jennie’s Pearl Nameplate Pendant

Jennie’s necklace

Photo: Instagram/ @jennierubyjane

Wearing jewellery is a great way to add more definition to your personal style and is, in a way, a reflection of your unique personality. It doesn’t get more personal than minimalist initial pendants or nameplate necklaces. While we appreciate the value and style quality of bold and glitzy jewellery, minimalist pieces allow your outfits to shine while elevating them at the same time. Case in point: Jennie from Blackpink’s signature pearl necklace with nameplate pendant here, which she pairs with a casual pair of high-waisted jeans and crop top. See how effortlessly each item balances the other?

Timeless and sophisticated, they make the perfect gifts, whether for yourself or for a loved one. Want to get Jennie’s exact piece or something quite similar? Check out the ones we’ve listed here!  

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Tiffany & Co Notes Disc Charm, approx. RM3,829

When in doubt, minimal is the way to go. Simple and elegant, this alphabet charm adds a personal touch to any necklace.

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