TIME FOR ME X Adidas Originals

Spending time with TIME FOR ME and Adidas has never felt more valuable.

Adidas Originals revealed the first of four watches created in collaboration with Timex Group. Time For Me captures the dynamic, impromptu, and honest lives of the Young Creative in a series of snapshots. A collective encourages individuals with distinct personalities and identities to seize the moment. Drawing inspiration from the Young Creatives’ renewed perspective, Time For Me demonstrates how the watch brings new creative potential and possibilities to further express one‘s style, eventually becoming another essential accessory not just to their outfit but the way people spend their daily lives.

“The new collection is where design exploration and watch functionality converge,” said Giorgio Galli, Chief Executive Creative Director of Timex Group. “This collection tells a story of purpose and thought and lends itself to self-expression and self-awareness.”

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