Cartier Tank Française Is The Most Stylish Watch Of All Time

A firm favourite of the fashion cognoscenti, Cartier Tank Française could well be the most stylish watch of all time

Cartier’s Tank watch has stayed in style for more than a century, favoured by the world’s style tastemakers and watch aficionados. Inspired by the First World War armoured vehicles, Louis Cartier designed the Tank in 1917. As the model gained popularity, Cartier developed an array of variants on the Tank – Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Américaine, and Tank Étanche  – all of which embodied subtle, angular sophistication.

In 1996, Cartier continued being a perennial by adding Tank Française into the family, eschewing voluptuousness of art nouveau. With a seamless watch face and bracelet, the wristwatch was truly an adaptive piece that served the most basic of functions: timekeeping, but there’s no shortage of style when it came to the timekeeper.

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The Revolutionised Timepiece

This year, Cartier revolutionised the Tank Française with more elegance – making it both an eye-coaxing accessory and a necessary time tool. Withstanding the test of time, the new Tank Française features more rounded brandcards with a crown that complements it perfectly. Decorated with satin finishes, the watch has a sunray dial with Roman numerals that will turn heads. 

The tank Française also got a facelift, with cleaner lines, flexible chain, and an automatic mechanical movement to help continue the ticking well beyond the day when your own heart ceases to do so. 

cartier tank

David Cairns/Getty Images

Tanks have been worn by the most stylish people on the planet including Princess Diana, Ralph Lauren, and Jacqueline Kennedy. So, it’d be no surprise, if the mechanism is seen on the wrist of chic, fashion darlings. 

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Of course, making such a lofty investment can be slightly intimidating. But, whether you’re a seasoned collector, neophyte or cognoscente, the Tank Française is truly an iconic addition to any outfit or style and your life.

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