The New Hermès Cut Watch Just Embodies Purity Of Design

Few can rival Hermès when it comes to design purity, and the new Hermès Cut is the latest proof to that assertion. A geometric revelation, the Hermès Cut is a timepiece that deftly combines sophistication with playfulness. Its unique aesthetic, deeply rooted in the geometric language that is a signature of Hermès, goes beyond the conventional.

Hermès Cut Watch


What’s fascinating about the Hermès Cut is its practice in restraint. Going back to the genuine act of creation, the design of the watch is influenced by a need to reduce details to best preserve the purity of shape and form.

The Hermès Cut watch


Hermès Cut: A Study in Subtlety

Notice the subtle contrast on its case, expressing both satin- brushed and polished finish, flaunting a balance of proportions that radiates personality. The gleaming edges, meticulously cut, add a touch of refined brilliance. But it is the crown that surprises, daringly sited at a most unorthodox position, relocated to half past one and adorned with a lacquered or engraved H, becoming a standout feature that shouts originality.

Hermès Cut Watch

Uniquely, the crown of the Hermès Cut watch is positioned at half past one.

Then, underlining the watch’s character, we have the dial, majestically framed by a bevel-cut bezel. It dances with luminescent Arabic numerals, visibly brought to life through embossed font. Minimalist but potent, the watch presents time in a lively manner.

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The Hermès Cut doesn’t just look grand, it performs excellently too, with the Manufacture Hermès H1912 movement at its heart. Visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, this mechanical calibre powers the hours, minutes, and seconds, with elegance personified by the baton-shaped, phosphorescent hour and minute hands and an eye-catching seconds hand. The silver-toned dial, graced with a grey-and-orange accented minutes track, houses these hands, constantly in graceful motion.


The Hermès Cut goes further than mere looks; it also offers a delightful tactile experience. The watch’s seamlessly integrated metal bracelet is as supple as it is stylish, echoing the design of the case. For a touch of versatility, a rubber strap is also on offer in eight Hermès palette-derived hues.

The best part? The clever interchangeability system lets you switch styles in a snap, making your Hermès Cut a fluid, daily fashion statement to suit your mood. Makes it all the more irresistible, no? The Hermès Cut watch retails from RM32,300 (with rubber strap).

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