Introducing: Chanel’s L’esprit du Lion Jewellery Collection

Born on August 19th under the sign of the lion, Gabrielle Chanel not only identified with the qualities of the regal animal but also embedded it within her creations, making it one of the main sources of inspiration for Chanel till today. Also representative of the omnipresent symbol of Venice – a city that Gabrielle Chanel held close to her heart, the lion emblem has festooned many of creations, from suit buttons to clasps of handbags.

While the lion made its first appearance in Chanel’s High Jewelry line back in 2012, it has since been the inspiration behind the ‘Sous le Signe du Lion’ fine jewelry collection, and now in 2018, the ‘L’esprit du Lion’ collection. Housing 53 High Jewelry pieces, the collection was inspired by the magnificent lion sculptures in gilt brass, marble, and wood found in Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. Paired with a chain to amplify its power and authority, the majestic lion adorns everything from multi-chain necklaces and chokers to open bracelets, earrings, and brooches in white or yellow gold, enriched with sapphires, diamonds, beryls and imperial topazes.

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