14 Local Brands To Support This Merdeka Day

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It’s time to go local

With Merdeka just around the corner, what better time than now to pay homage to some of the best Malaysian brands out there. From beauty to jewellery, and fashion, there’s a slew of homegrown brands that deserve our attention. Below, we’ve curated a list of Malaysian brands that you should know about just in time for our independence and national day

All the best Malaysian brands you should know about:



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Whether you’re lounging or lunging, Terrae has eco-friendly activewear fit for any shape and size. Made with deadstock fabric and Econyl, a recycled fibre that’s made from discarded fishing nets, Terrae takes sustainability into account every step of the way. Even their packaging is FSC certified, recyclable, and biodegradable. Fitness enthusiasts will have the luxury to be mindful of their environment and also their mind, body, and soul with this brand!

Handmade Heroes

Handmade Heroes is a skincare brand that you’ll love instantly. Championing vegan and organic ingredients, this beauty brand is always on a mission to bring the latest skincare innovations to Malaysians. From lip scrubs to dry shampoos and nail cuticles, Handmade Heroes has a range of products that are nourishing and gentle on the skin.



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Marrying functionality and sustainability, Wustler gives us timeless sleepwear and loungewear pieces that are beautiful and comfortable. Their pieces are all crafted from viscose and rayon, a semi-synthetic fabric made from regenerated cellulose fibre – a sustainable alternative to polyester and nylon. The label also uses non-toxic and environmental-friendly fabric dyes to uphold its sustainable mission.

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Comfortable, feminine, and functional – Hanya is a fashion brand made for modern women. All of their pieces are long-lasting and easy to wear without making a hole in your pocket. Sometimes they even repurpose old materials to create newer pieces in an effort to promote circular fashion.

Confidence Cosmetics

Founded by actress and beauty influencer, Sharifah Aryana, Confidence Cosmetics crafts transformative products that make people feel and look beautiful as well as confident. Debuting with sunscreen-infused moisturiser, this beauty brand should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking to upgrade your vanity.

Anting By Camilla

Minimalistic, beautiful, and star-studded, Anting By Camilla has delicate pieces that are versatile and affordable. Designed and produced by the founder, Camilla Faris, all of the jewellery pieces feature pearl-studded, gemstones, and dainty gold pieces that can be worn every day and even in the shower.

Olena Jewellery


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From rings to necklaces and bracelets, Olena’s demi-fine jewellery pays homage to simplicity and contemporary aesthetics. Most of their jewellery pieces are made to complement one another, but they also work wonders worn on their own. Their minimalistic creations are made to elevate the everyday look without trying too hard.

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Li’s Atelier


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Made for men and women, Li’s Atelier uses eco-friendly fabrics like linen to make timeless everyday pieces that will last forever. Thoughtfully designed to promote sustainability, their daily wear is made in small batches to avoid environmental destruction and to create a sustainable cycle.



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Founded by influencer and entrepreneur Jane Chuck, Chuck’s is big on fusing natural ingredients with innovative technologies to empower people to love and transform their skin. From cleansers to serums and masks, there’s bound to be an option here that ticks your boxes.


Putting sustainability as the core of their brand, Bobble offers 100 per cent organic cotton pads and tampons that are safe as well as gentle for your body. Their ultra-thin pads are breathable, comfortable and absorbent, making them our favourite go-to.

Gung Jewellery

From gold to silver, all the accessories from Gung Jewellery are pieces that are made to last forever and transcend seasons. Made with stainless steel with PVD coating, all of the jewellery are affordable and waterproof meaning you never have to take it off!


Decked out in aesthetically-pleasing chrome-coloured reflective boxes, Enya’s products were made to encourage women to celebrate their periods. On top of that, they’re also here to kick-start conversations about women’s health and debunk period myths. Enya is known for its 100 per cent organic cotton pads that are perfect for those with either regular or heavy flow. Featuring great absorbency, their pad is comfortable and lets you go about your day with ease.

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Serving us quirky and timeless pieces, Machino focuses on handcrafted sandals, heels, and flats that fit like a second skin. Lightweight and comfortable, all of their footwear is fuss– and blister–free, ensuring complete freedom of movement. Plus, all of their designs come in stunning colours and designs.

Bloody Good Shop


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Better for your body as well as the environment, Bloody Good Shop is perfect for those who’d like to switch out their pads and tampon. The brand highlights their notable menstrual cup that’s made from 100 per cent medical-grade silicone. It’s an alternative to period care that’s comfortable and easy to use. The cup collects blood rather than absorbs it, allowing your vagina to stay naturally moist and at a healthy pH level.

For beginners, we’d recommend opting for the Ruby Cup because of its small and soft standard-size cups. Moreover, they also offer other alternatives such as period underwear, which also helps to break stigmas that surround reproductive health in Malaysia.

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