Supermodel Gwen Lu Shows Us How To Channel The Edgy Elegance Of Tiffany HardWear

Gwen Lu shows us how to shift from rugged casuals to business chic then ultra glam with an elegance that’s all about the attitude, with a little help from the Tiffany HardWear collection from Tiffany & Co.

Sexy, sophisticated and brimming with attitude, the Tiffany HardWear collection just exudes edgy elegance.

And our very own Gwen Lu embodies that very attitude to the T. The supermodel is celebrated for her edgy beauty and individual sense of style. Banking on her chameleon-like ability to effortlessly rock street style casuals and avant-garde couture with little to no effort.

Tiffany HardWear

Gwen Lu, decked out in jewellery from Tiffany & Co.

It’s a versatility she shares with the Tifffany HardWear collection. With chain link-inspired designs available in 18k gold with or without pavé diamonds, the Tiffany HardWear collection gives you the freedom to style them however you feel fit. Whether you’re finding your way from the boardroom to a swanky soiree. Or transitioning from a casual day out to celebrating a festive occasion with your loved ones. There’s a Tiffany HardWear for every moment of your day.

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The Versatility of Tiffany HardWear

Tiffany HardWear

Casual with an attitude. Jewellery all from Tiffany & Co.


Sauntering the city streets in nonchalant casuals of basic bare midriff tee and the perfect blue jeans, perhaps? The multi-strand Tiffany HardWear wrap necklace and matching bracelet lend a street smart cool to your look. Keep your clothes minimal yet sexy as a clean canvas to work with—think model off-duty. The chunky Tiffany HardWear injects a toughness and also a glamour to the otherwise straightforward get-up. And why not throw in a punk element while you’re at it? There’s no rule saying you must wear both earrings. The beauty of Tiffany HardWear is you make your own rules on how to style them. Gwen wears just the one dangly Tiffany HardWear triple drop earring, and she’s good to go. (Check out the video below).

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A Different Kind Of Elegance

Also, in spite of its tough aesthetics, the Tiffany HardWear works for a professional setting too. With the right styling, it translates its attitude to confidence. Worn together, the same triple drop earrings from before now exude elegance. And a cool insouciance that signals you don’t have to look safe or stoic to look professional. Have some fun with earrings that move as you move. A simple strand of Tiffany HardWear necklace worn close to the collar bone completes the professional look.

Tiffany HardWear

Nonchalant confidence. Jewellery all from Tiffany & Co. Blue suit by Afiq M.


Then as the night draws in, how best to complement a sultry evening dress for a night out? Why, diamonds, of course. The Tiffany HardWear graduated link necklace with pavé diamonds is elegantly subversive best paired with Tiffany HardWear link earrings also with pavé diamonds. Together they make a strong statement of luxury, but without being brash about it. Gwen adds another level of sophistication with the Tiffany HardWear link bracelet with pavé diamonds on the off-shoulder side of her arm.

A different kind of elegance. Jewellery, all from Tiffany & Co. Dress, by Afiq M.


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Bold yet undoubtedly sophisticated, the Tiffany HardWear collection is all about an edgier side of elegance. With an array of jewellery ranging from drop earrings and understated pendant necklaces, to wrap bracelets and luxe pieces with pavé diamonds, there is a Tiffany HardWear piece for every moment. Just style it your way, and make it your own.

Concept, styling & art direction: Abdul Aziz Draim
Videography: @new_storyboards_production
Hair: @ckay_liow
Make-up: @khirkhalid
Clothes: @afiqmofficial & stylist’s own
Jewellery: @tiffanyandco
Location courtesy of @ritzcarltonkualalumpur
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