Swarovski’s Sparkling Gift Guide for Ramadan

Swarovski introduces its radiant Ramadan 2024 collection, inspired by the night sky and sparkles of joy and beauty.

Image: Swarovski

At the very first sight of the growing Crescent Moon, on the ninth month of the lunar calendar, Ramadan greets us. This year, Swarovski welcomes the Holy month together with a selection of new additions to its Constella family.

True to its name, the addition is inspired by the night sky. At the core of these creations lies Swarovski’s mastery of light and unmistakable savoir-faire. Each piece tells a story, speaking to their wearers through symbols.

The brilliant cut crystals capture light, casting a glow over Ramadan looks. Meanwhile, the colour pairing pays homage to Ramadan traditions. Vivid green crystals embellish its gold-toned metal to embody grounded elegance. Rich and atmospheric, the radiant green hues reflect nature’s wonder.

Joy and beauty surround us like the vast sky, ever-present. Ramadan grants us the means to start anew, or strengthen connections with our cherished communities. The additions showcase pieces across six luxurious collections, serving as brilliant gifts of sparkles to ignite that joy in your loved ones.

Constella Collection

First, we have the Constella Collection, with its hypnotic blend of colours. For a radiant look, pair the Constella drop earrings with the elegant Constella bangle, both featuring matching shimmering green stones. Take it up a notch by stacking them with the gold-plated Constella bracelet, as seen on Raline Shah.

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Luna Collection

Image: Swarovski

Next, the Swarovski Luna Collection pays homage to the celestial crescent shape, capturing a bold allure with pavé-set crystals and sharp angles. The Luna clip earrings and Luna pendant, both crescent-shaped, complement each other beautifully with their matching crystals in five sizes for a polished pavé effect. Complete the look with the Luna open ring, as styled on Scha Alyahya, which features a Swarovski Zirconia star.

Una Collection

Image: Swarovski

Discover the elegance of Una Ramadan selections, where simplicity meets beauty. For a delicate wrist adornment, look no further than the Una bracelet. Its chic gold-tone plated chain gracefully encircles the wrist, adorned with a striking green central stone surrounded by clear stones in a pavé setting.

Matrix Collection

Image: Swarovski

Oh, where to begin? The Matrix collection offers a great selection for men, perfect for both day and night wear. Take a look at Nadhir Nasar and Hun Haqeem, both wearing the classic tennis bracelet. Hun Haqeem adds a modern twist with the Matrix Tennis bracelet featuring round jet-coloured stones.

Meanwhile, Nadhir Nassar stacks it with a radiant Matrix tennis bracelet featuring deep green rectangular stones, adding a pop of colour. To complete the look, they top it off with the Matrix ring.

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Millenia Collection

Image: Swarovski

Elevate your Ramadan style with the bold and dramatic touch of the Millenia collection, as styled by Qasrina Karim. Worry not, its bold mixture of cuts and colours balances with the clear crystal designs, so they won’t overshadow your look. Available in clear white or green hues, each piece can be easily paired with others, thanks to their octagonal cut crystals present in rings, bracelets, bangles, and necklaces.

Imber Collection

Image: Swarovski

Finally, add an extra dimension to your look with the Imber collection’s puffy bezel set clear crystals. Worn alone or paired, they elevate any casual or evening outfit with their round-cut crystals in a puffy bezel setting. Notably dazzling, as seen on Sharifah Rose, the necklace has a perfect length for hijab styles.

Here are your radiant Ramadan companions.

1. Triple Thrill: Matrix Tennis Bracelet

Photo: Swarovski

Guaranteed thrill from every angle with three deep green rectangular stones that decorates the all-around clear round stone.

2. Inspiring Green: Una pendant

Photo: Swarovski

Look to the Una pendant for a chic festive look, with a shiny green stone at the centre.

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3. The Classic Matrix Tennis: Matrix Tennis bracelet

Photo: Swarovski

Nothing could go wrong with a classic tennis bracelet—perfect for yourself or as a beautiful gift to loved ones.

4. The Dazzling Crescent: Luna pendant

Photo: Swarovski

From dusk till dawn, the Luna pendant presents a crescent, offering an ideal sparkling touch to your festive look.

5. Stack It Up: Vittore ring

vittore ring

Photo: Swarovski

Stack the Vittore ring with matching rings. It is clean and elegant, perfect for mixing and matching

6. Metallic Edge: Constella bracelet

Photo: Swarovski

Add a metal dazzle with the Constella bracelet, that has an industrial-inspired chain, adorned with Swarovski Zirconia.

7. Functional Elegance: Certa watch

Photo: Swarovski

Radiate an elegant look with the modern Certa watch. Features a bezel set with a pavé of 30 crystals, in beautiful rose gold-tone finish. 

8. Green Allure: Constella bangle

Image: Swarovski

Experience the hypnotic blend of gold and green, perfect for Ramadan looks. Top it off with matching earrings or a necklace.

9. Beauty Meets Simplicity: Una bracelet

Photo: Swarovski

Stack the Una bracelet to create a put together and green-infused aesthetic.

10. Beauty at Every Hour: Dextera Bangle watch

Photo: Swarovski

Choose a timeless look with the Dextera Bangle watch, adorned with 92 crystals on the bezel and 194 crystals set along the bracelet.


Discover the latest Raya collection now on www.swarovski.com and Swarovski boutiques nationwide.