An Immersive Sound Experience with the Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smart phone, Galaxy Buds2 & Galaxy Watch4

With the release of their new flagship Galaxy Z series last August, Samsung has also rolled out new accessories and wearables to complement the updated Galaxy Z experience. Having just released the revolutionary Galaxy Buds Pro earlier this year, Samsung is now offering their brand new Galaxy Buds2 as a more affordable alternative. Granted, the Buds2 is an evolution of the previous Buds+ and thus is not an improvement on the Buds Pro. The Buds Pro is after all a premium product, with a retail price of RM799 whereas the Galaxy Buds 2 is retailed at RM499. So between the Buds+ and the Buds Pro, Buds2 sits right in the middle.

In terms of packaging, the Galaxy Buds2 comes in a box that houses the earbuds, charging case, USB cable, ear tips (in sizes S, M, L), and a quick start guide. While the Buds+ has an oblong charging case, the Buds2 borrows from the Buds Pro to offer a square charging case. The charging case is glossy white, with an interior that’s a perfect match to the colour of the buds—available in options of classical graphite, stylish lavender, soothing olive and flawless white (image below).

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The Galaxy Buds2 is the lightest buds Samsung has yet made and features an ergonomic design to ensure comfortable wearability. For comparison’s sake, the Buds2 is shaped like the end of a golf wood, while the Buds Pro has a more bulbous silhouette that fits a little more securely in the ear. That said, the Buds2 still fits just nicely in place.


As with most Samsung mobile products and accessories, charging is fast and efficient. The charging case supports quick charging and wireless charging, and is fitted with a 472mAh battery while each bud carries a 61mAh battery. On a single charge, the Buds2 can last up to 5 hours with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), or a full 8 hours without ANC. The battery life expands further when you factor in the charging capabilities of the charging case (to deliver up to 20 hours of total play).

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On the technical side of things, the Buds2 is powered by a tweeter, a woofer and three microphones within each bud to deliver improved call quality and noise cancellation. And yes, that’s one cool feature of the Buds2: the Active Noise Cancelling that’s said to cut external background noise—background conversations, traffic or even wind—by up to 98% to ensure an immersive experience when you’re gaming, or listening to music. In fact, the Buds2 has 6 different equaliser settings to let you tailor the sound to the hearing purpose you have in mind. Speaking of hearing purpose, switching between Galaxy devices—from Spotify via your tablet, to answering calls on the phone—is made seamless.

What isn’t so seamless and require a bit of practice is the gestures involved with the Buds2, particularly the tapping. It depends on how adroit your fingers are, I guess, and perhaps how stubby too. The Buds2 responds to single, double, and triple taps, and a press and hold gesture, all of which you can customise its function. You just need to hit it in its sweet spot to activate the tapping commands. The Buds2 also boasts an IPX2 water-resistance rating, which protects it from accidental splashing. Not as strong as the Buds Pro with its IPX7 rating (that can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes).

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If compared to the Buds+ and Buds Pro, the Buds2 sits comfortably in the middle—way superior to the former, but though impressive, it’s not as powerful as the premium Buds Pro. Still, for its price, chic design, respectable audio and ACN capabilities, it’s more than good enough compared to what else is in the market.