April 2024 Book Releases to Add to Your TBR List

April 2024 Book Releases

The only kind of therapy you need is reading

Whether you’re looking to start reading or trying to finish your book quota for the year, there are tons of good reads coming out this month. From romances to thrillers, we’ve curated a guide on the best April 2024 book releases you need to add to your TBR list as soon as possible.

Scroll below to see our list of new books to read this month. 

The Best April 2024 Book Releases:

Just For The Summer

Abby Jiminez

Slated to be one of the most perfect summertime reads this year, this new romance novel by bestselling author of Yours Truly, will have you kicking and giggling, and crying your hearts out. Set in Minnesota, Emma and Justin decided to date each other to cancel out their curses — every person they date goes on to find their soulmate the second they break up. However, what they didn’t anticipate was trying to navigate their real feelings for each other. As much as they try to avoid fate, the perfect fair seems to just keep on catching feelings. 

Release Date: 2 April

The Rule Book 

Sarah Adams

Following TikTok sensation, The Cheat Sheet, Sarah Adams is back with another romance book — this time about college sweethearts, Nora Mackenzie and Derek Pender. These old lovers are thrown back into each other’s lives after Derek becomes Nora’s full-time sports agent. Still holding a grudge against Nora, the NFL tight end is making it his mission to get a little friendly revenge on the girl who broke his heart. However, instead of making Nora’s life miserable, they both get caught together, married in bed in Vegas after a wild night. 

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Release Date: 2 April

Wild Love

April 2024 Book Releases

Elsie Silver

Back at it again, Elsie Silver is delivering us yet another steamy romance that’s peppered with fluff, spice and honour. This new series of hers starts with Rosie Belmont’s book — a beautiful stormy woman who comes barrelling back into Rose Hill where she captures the attention of her brother’s best friend, Forbes, the world’s hottest billionaire. As much as they desperately try to keep their hands off each other, their verbal sparrings and flirting keeps them wanting more. If you love a single, hot dad romance and the brother’s best friend trope, then this should be your next read. 

Release Date: 9 April

Daughter of Mine

Megan Miranda

Not a fan of romance? Then, get a thrill out of this new novel from Megan Miranda. The New York Times bestselling author of All the Missing Girls, The Last to Vanish, and The Only Survivors is back with another thrilling novel that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. When Hazel Sharp, daughter of Mirror Lake’s longtime local detective, unexpectedly inherits her childhood home, she’s warily drawn back to the town—and people—she left behind almost a decade earlier. However, what she doesn’t anticipate is a long-hidden secret unravelling itself such as the evidence behind her mother’s mysterious disappearance. 

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Release Date: 9 April

Taming 7 

April 2024 Book Releases

Chloe Walsh

The highly anticipated book, Taming 7 of the Boys of Tommen series is finally landing in our hands this month — and we can’t wait to read yet another epic and unforgettable love story written by Chloe Walsh. The book will follow Gerard ‘Gibsie’ Gibson and Claire Biggs’ relationship while they’re being haunted by events of the past and hard truths — simultaneously discovering their not-so-secret feelings for each other. If you love this universe, then you’ll no doubt fall in love with this friends-to-lovers, angsty and tearjerker book. 

Release Date: 16 April

Funny Story

Emily Henry

Bringing out yet another classic romance read, Emily Henry is here to wow us again with this stunning fake dating novel. Full of cute scenes, angst and heartbreak, this opposites-attract love story will have you laughing and swooning. Following Daphne, a librarian who recently had her heart broken, she makes a pact with her roommate to pretend to be dating to make their exes jealous. But, what she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the chaotic roommate, who happens to be her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex — talk about a train wreck or is it love at first sight? 

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Release Date: 23 April

King Of Sloth

April 2024 Book Releases

Ana Huang

If you’re a fan of slow burn, angst and billionaires, then there’s no skipping this one. Ana Huang’s next book sees the charming, easy-going Xavier Castilo sparring, riling and putting his publicist, Sloane Kensington, in uncomfortable, sexy and steamy positions whenever he can. But, to his dislike, Sloane is one of the only women in the world who is immune to his charms. However, as they spend much of their time together, the high-powered publicist ends up peeling all of his layers and learning how thoughtful he is beneath his party and wild persona. 

Release Date: 30 April

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