12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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12. Boar

Great year ahead in terms of wealth and learning a good star that would boost your monetary gain, particularly through information gained through carefully researched investments. There are many ways of looking at your life this year and the outcome is determined by your state of mind and the actions you choose to take during every moment.


You will see a positive shift in your wealth luck this year as more door opens for you to get better part-time jobs as well as other alternative sources of income. While none of these opportunities are particularly spectacular, effort on your part to harness these changes will be enough to afford you peace of mind.

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Thankfully, you won’t be needing to struggle in your professional life too much thanks to a generally positive relationship between you and your colleagues. In fact, you may be primed to elevate yourself to a better corporate position by leveraging on the assistance of the bountiful of helping hands you will enjoy this year.


Great news for the single Boar – you won’t be alone much longer if you have been soul mate searching. That said, it is best if you didn’t act on impulse; take your time to get to know your love interest on a deeper level before committing yourself. Time is on your side!


Don’t use your busy schedule as an excuse to omit healthy additions to your lifestyle. There are plenty of quick, cost effective ways to care for your health, nutrition and overall fitness without compromising the progress towards your goals. Find out what works for you health-wise and commit to it!

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