Antique Furniture Is Becoming Increasingly Popular With Millennials

There is no doubt that there is more awareness around sustainability than ever before. We are seeing both consumers and companies being encouraged to make drastic changes in order to be more environmentally conscious, particularly in the food and fashion industries. And, it seems that this movement has hit the interiors world too, with more millennials than ever investing in second-hand, antique furniture.

According to antique search engine, Barnebys – which monitors over 2,000 auction houses and hosts more than one million items daily – more and more young people are choosing to buy pre-owned furniture for their homes.

The site says that the huge rise in people buying antiques has also been met with a shift in the type of people interested in the market. Once dominated by older men, it is now often young women who are choosing to shop these pre-owned pieces.

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The trend for having one-of-a-kind furniture is of course a draw, but this is nothing new, what has changed is people’s awareness regarding the environment. The appeal of buying antique furniture is that nothing needs to be produced. Just like buying vintage pieces of clothing, it is a sure-fire way of reducing your carbon footprint.

“Today we can say that everyone who works in the auction world is working in the world’s most sustainable industry,” co-founder of Barneby’s, Pontus Silfverstolpe said. “Changes in consumer behaviour, led by millennials is driving this new interest in using renewable pre-owned items. They know that antiques are better for the carbon footprint.”

“We clearly see an increased interest from the younger generation of buyers who want unique, personal and quality items that last over time. It is just not sustainable for our world to continue to consume as we do today, and have done over the last few decades. This is why we are seeing much of the younger generation actively choosing to furnish their homes with pre-owned furniture.”

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Silfverstolpe adds that buying pre-owned furniture can actually also be a thrifty option for young shoppers, who are able to purchase very high-quality products for far less than they would be brand new.


From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK