Daiyan Trisha Opens Up About Her New Book “Tulisan”

She is music, she is poetry, she is art

Musician and actress, Daiyan Trisha has recently carved a new role under her wing — author — propelling her into yet again superstardom. Known to be the voice of the generation, it wasn’t a surprise to see her churning out the inner whirrings of her mind onto paper. For the artist, writing has always been like a creative hug; a platform that moves her through life. Now, a major literary talent, Daiyan Trisha opens up about Tulisan, the inspiration, themes and story ahead of the book’s publication. 


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Delicate, sincere and catharsis. Those are the words that come to mind when Daiyan thinks about Tulisan. Full of love and honesty, the newly published book vocalises Daiyan’s reflection on life; her deepest thoughts, confessions, betrayal, heartbreaks and lessons learned. “These were all thoughts I’ve kept safe in my heart,” she expressed. A far cry from the typical showbiz dazzle, writing Tulisan was raw and healing for the musician. 

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The journey for the book initially started in 2018 when Daiyan posted short poems on Instagram. It was during this time that she had the desire to connect and express herself, thoughts and feelings into words. Her early poems were marked by themes that have appeared in all her subsequent work — healing, love, self-esteem, loss and empowerment. “I’m inspired by everything that happens in my life, especially the ones that affect me emotionally,” she voiced. Known to be a cathartic and therapeutic experience, writing poetries then became a tool of self-expression for Daiyan.

But, it just wasn’t enough for the go-getter. Scratching and gnawing in the remote area of her mind, the idea of compiling poetries and creating a book was something she knew she had to do. Finding the courage and confidence, she finally made it happen. “I feel like I figured out the whole concept in my head in my past life and it was just waiting to come out,” she claimed. 

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So, with that in mind, she quickly threw herself into work to create a book — a reflective and intimate journey — that visits the past, present and potential of the self. While listening to songs such as Renegade by Big Red Machine and Taylor Swift, and Sparks by Coldplay, all of the words came out onto paper effortlessly. “Writing to me feels like home. It’s my weapon and my safe space. And, now my readers can share it and make it their own,” she said. 

More than just words, the book is a form of love for her readers. Daiyan hopes the book allows readers to know her soul a little more and get to know themselves as well. “I hope the book becomes a safe space for readers — I hope they see it as a hug from me.”

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Daiyan has become an unwavering force over the years and now with her book, she is trailblazing like a phoenix. “I’m so proud of it. I’ll hold on to this feeling while it lasts.”

Buy the book now at Tulisanbydaiyan.com

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