Discover Your Next Read with these Crime Thrillers

Can you solve the case?

Twists, turns, mayhem and mystery packed with suspense are the keys to any good crime thriller. From detectives tirelessly looking for a missing piece to crack the case to readers uncovering the chain of events that led to the crime, this genre is perfect for adding a little thrill to your bookshelf.

In this article, get ready to tap into your detective skills, hold your breath and grip your seats as we take you through a list of page-turning crime thriller novels.

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Discover some of the best Crime Thriller novels :

One of us is lying

In this bestseller by Karen M. Mcmanus, five high school students running in completely different crowds are tied to a murder when one of them suddenly dies in detention.

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The Girl in Room 105

When Keshav gets a text from his ex-girlfriend Zara on the night of her birthday, he rushes to her dorm room only to find her dead. On a quest to bring her case to justice, he embarks on a rollercoaster journey as he unravels the bizarre trails of her untimely and puzzling death.

Two can keep a secret

Another hit by Karen M. McManus, Two Can Keep a Secret, brims with mystery, family secrets and chaos looming over a small town. When Ellery and Ezra move from California to Vermont to live with their grandmother, their arrival is greeted with crime cases spanning years that intertwine the past and present.

Kill Joy

A prequel to “A Good Girls Guide to Murder,” the story follows Pip attending her friend’s 1920s murder mystery party, where she becomes captivated by her role in this make-believe world of murder investigations.

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

“A Good Girls Guide to Murder” follows a curious student who probes deep and investigates the closed murder case of a high schooler that occurred five years prior.