Jorja Smith Voices Out on Body Shaming and Importance of Self-Love

Championing Body Positivity

Amidst the constant barrage of social media’s unattainable ideals, Jorja Smith’s response advocates for self-acceptance regardless of societal expectations. It sends a powerful message: Beauty isn’t confined to a singular standard but is found in the uniqueness of each individual.

With all the pressure and unrealistic expectations on social media, it’s no surprise that celebrities are often the target of online scrutiny. This time, the spotlight fell on the immensely talented 26-year-old singer-songwriter Jorja Smith. In response to a trending post that criticised her appearance, Jorja Smith responded with a message that resonated deeply, reminding us all of the importance of self-love and embracing one’s unique journey.

The Post That Sparked Controversy:

It all began on October 6, when X user @ibzsmo3k shared a clip from a live performance of the 2018 breakthrough single “Be Honest” from the singer’s debut album Lost & Found, which received over 25 million views and 10,000 responses. Instead of focusing on the performance and her talent, the user’s caption read, “What happened to Jorja Smith?” as she donned a figure-hugging olive green co-ord with her hair down.

Although we were initially uncertain of the user’s attention, he added two sub-posts to the thread containing a picture of Jorja Smith where she appeared ‘slimmer’ with the caption ‘We used to rule the world’ and only then apologised for his insensitivity. 

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Another post on Instagram has also been made by @theshadesborough, featuring a side-by-side comparison of Jorja at different career stages. The user implied that Jorja had undergone a physical transformation, and their comments drew significant positive and negative attention.


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Instead of reacting defensively or allowing the negativity to overshadow her artistry, Jorja Smith addressed the issue head-on. In the comment, Jorja Smith replied, “Look 1. I didn’t move home to escape trolls & 2. I’m 21 in one pic and 26 in the other. I never was very healthy before either & I have to grow in front of u all; what a strange world we live in.”

Of course, as said above, it wasn’t only her breaking point. Recently, Jorja Smith was featured in an article for the cover of the latest issue of NET-A-PORTER this past Monday. During her interview, she explains how it feels to be perceived in the eyes of the public and the pressures it can cause. “People comment on me a lot. They comment on what I look like. I don’t search for things, but if I’m on TikTok, I’ll see comments, and they won’t be all negative but… [for example], I’ve put on some weight, which is normal because I’m not a child. Like, it’s cool. But the world doesn’t let you be cool,” she explains. “That’s not me being jaded, but I’ve definitely been affected by it,” she adds.

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Jorja Smith’s response to criticism isn’t just about silencing her detractors; it’s a proclamation of self-love, a beacon of empowerment, and an invitation to embrace one’s uniqueness. Her resilience in the face of negativity reminds us that while criticism may be inevitable, how we respond can define our journey.


All images courtesy of Jorja Smith/Instagram