Social Distancing By Your Zodiac Sign

We are all undoubtedly feeling the strangeness that comes during a prolonged quarantine. Perhaps somewhere lingering under the surface of our mutual slow decent into madness is a desire for a better, more sustainable world. So I offer you these cosmic strategies best suited for your star sign to not only survive, but to THRIVE in our current state of reality.


I will also be hosting a free astrology webinar on Sunday, April 12, during which we will address your biggest challenges in social distancing, and conquering your fears, anxieties, and apocalyptic thinking. Together, we will uncover the role of your sun and moon signs in quarantine, and your individual key strategies for success. Lastly, we will discover how Jupiter’s placement this year will be your greatest ally for support and sanity during these unprecedented times. Join me, but first, a few tips to get you through.

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Challenge: Being a feisty fire sign, you crave adventure whether that is new vistas, languages, or subjects to learn about.

Strategy: Luckily, in quarantine, you can do the latter, so your best bet is to enroll in a class that allows your mind to travel, even though your body cannot for the moment. Find a pal to join you and learn together.

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