Instagram and Facebook Now Tell You How Long You Spend Scrolling


Instagram and Facebook’s latest features will now help you limit the time you spend mindlessly scrolling through your feed.

Both social media platforms plan to encourage users to spend less time in the virtual world and more time connecting to people off-screen. The new “Activity Dashboard” shows the average time and the daily time spent on the app over the last week.

If you’re worried about your Instagram and Facebook addiction, you can set a limit on the time you spend scrolling using the “Daily Reminder” feature, as well as switching off notifications for however long you want.

According to the Evening Standard, Facebook said in a statement: “We have a responsibility to help people understand how much time they spend on our platforms so they can better manage their experience.”

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How to check how much time you’re spending on Instagram and Facebook:

1. Open up your app and go to the settings

2. On Instagram click “Your Activity” to see your dashboard that shows the amount of time you are spending online.

3. On Facebook click “Your Time on Facebook”

4. Below the dashboard you set the Daily Reminder alert feature

5. To switch off the notifications, click “Notification Settings” > “Mute Push Notifications” to limit alerts.

The new features will be available on Facebook and Instagram soon.


From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK