Interview: 10 Minutes with British Duo, Andy and James from Honne

“‘Cause you and I, we’re good together”

We recently interviewed musical duo Honne about their upcoming show in Kuala Lumpur on May 21, 2023, at Zepp KL. During the interview, they shared their favourite songs to perform live and answered some fun rapid-fire questions.

You may be familiar with Honne and their ability to bring comfort to anyone’s day. In fact, if you didn’t know, Honne stands for the Japanese word meaning “true feelings”, which explains beautifully why their songs bring solace to anyone. English duo Honne consisting of Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher has won hearts with their soulful, heartfelt tones and feel-good lyrics. Their songs, “Day 1” and “No Song Without You”, are renowned for their ability to convey emotions and passions in a unique way.

Whether it’s about relationships, falling in and out of love, long-distance relationships or showing support for your lover, Honne is always there for you.

In fact, Andy has expressed that most of their songs are about his wife, whom he’s been with for 15 years.

Since their debut in 2014, Honne has released four studio albums: ‘Warm On A Cold Night’, ‘Love Me / Love Me Not’, ‘No Song Without You’ and ‘Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?’. Their sold-out show in Kuala Lumpur shows how much Malaysian fans constantly crave a piece of Honne in the city.

Before their show at Zepp KL, we sat down with the duo and discovered quirky details about the band you may have yet to learn. Read our interview below as we discussed with Honne what’s it like being back in Kuala Lumpur, their favourite Malaysian dish, hidden talents and more.

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Harpers Bazaar Malaysia interviews Honne on their visit to Kuala Lumpur:

Night or day?

Andy & James: Day.

Summer or Winter?

A & J: Summer.

Festivals or intimate venues?

A & J: Intimate venues.

Have you tried any Malaysian food? If yes, do you have any favourites?

A & J: Nasi lemak.

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Do you have a hidden talent?

J: Juggling and Yo-yoing.

A: I don’t think I have a hidden talent.

J: I think Andy’s hidden talent is by being an amazing partner to his wife.

What is your favourite love song of all time?

A: Ooo, “I’ll Be There For You”. The theme song from FRIENDS.

J: “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.

Most favourite song to perform live right now?

J: “No Song Without You”

A: “306”

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If you were to write a book, what genre would it be?

A: Can I pick two? It would be a cookbook and a children’s book.

J: I love self-help books.

Can you still name 3 songs off your ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ album?

J: Of course I can! I can even name the whole album.

A: Go on then.

J: “Warm on a Cold Night”, “Coastal Love”, “Till the Evening”, “Take You High” and “Baby, You’re Bad”. Ok, this is not going well. We missed half the album.

Let’s just say the world ended a week from now; what would you do?

J: To fly my family and Andy’s family over to play a gig in Kuala Lumpur.

A: Done! I’ll be there.



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