Lourdes Leon Drops A Trippy Music Video For Debut Single “Lock&Key”

Lourdes Lola Leon Lolahol Lock&Key


Her name rings a bell but you’re still not too sure who Lourdes Leon is… she’s only the firstborn of the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. Now that we’ve got that refresher out of the way, we’re here to tell you that 25-year-old Lourdes “Lola” Leon is now adding ‘musician’ to her resume alongside her dancer, choreographer, and model credits.

Under the moniker Lolahol, Lola has dropped her debut single “Lock&Key”, co-produced by her friend and multi-hyphenate, Eartheater alongside Samuel Burgess and Hara Kiri. The drum-and-bass-esque track is vibrant and energetic but smoothed out with Lola’s smoky vocals.


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Lola’s venture into music doesn’t come as a surprise because, in an interview with Paper magazine, she hinted at the possibility of her pursuing music as a “serious profession”, adding that if anything, it would have an “electronic, experimental vibe” and crediting Eartheater as inspiration.

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“Lock&Key” dropped with a music video – also directed by Eartheater – which depicts a trippy journey through a suburb, a cemetery, and finally a beach. The 3.5-minute reel also showed off Lola’s eclectic style – ranging from street in an oversized tee and cargo pants to sexy in a rope and fishnet bikini – put together with the help of New York-based stylist Lee Christmas.

Trip out to “Lock&Key” here.