New Movies to Look Forward to in July 2023

Popcorns ready? Let’s hit the cinemas.

As July 2023 approaches, many highly-anticipated movies are scheduled to premiere. Trailers have been released, and posters are up as fans are itching to get their hands on movie tickets. From chilling sequels to classic remakes, July will be jam-packed with the best of the best. So, be prepared for a fun-filled adventure.

Are you ready to discover your next favourite? Check it out below.

Take a look at some of the new movies to tune in July 2023:

Barbie (21 July 2023)

One of the most highly anticipated movies to look forward to in July 2023 is none other than Barbie. Fans have been waiting for the release ever since it was announced in 2022. The newly-released trailer gave the viewers a sneak peek of how exciting, colourful and fun the movie is going to be. The movie gives a fresh perspective on how Barbie fled Barbieland and dives flat-feet first into the real world.

Oppenheimer (21 July 2023)

Competing with Barbie, this Christopher Nolan masterpiece, set in the World War II era, will be hitting the theatres on the same date. The tale follows J. Robert Oppenheimer, AKA “the father of the atomic bomb” (Cillian Murphy). With a stacked, outstanding cast, the film dives deep into the works of the Manhattan Project’s Los Alamos Laboratory as they invent the first nuclear weapons during World War II. Movie buffs are already expecting their socks to be knocked off for this highly-anticipated film.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning (13 July 2023)

Tom Cruise fans, we know you have been waiting for this. The fan-favourite action movie returns with another Mission: Impossible movie. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has proved that no mission is impossible, and certainly not one involving a weapon that could destroy all of humanity. Will Ethan succeed in pulling off this mission while putting his loved ones at risk? Let’s find out on 12 July.

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Haunted Mansion (28 July 2023)

Disney’s Haunted Mansion, a classic from 2003, is returning with a brand new storyline featuring notable cast members. This horror comedy is filled with laughs, spooks, and so much more. The story follows a mum, a tour guide, a psychic, a priest, and a historian to accompany her on this journey to move into a new home. Notable names starring in this movie include Jared Leto, Ryan Gosling, LaKeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, and more.

Spoiler alert: the mansion is haunted.

Insidious: The Red Door (7 July 2023)

Horror fans, this one’s for you. The chilling plot continues from its first release of the Insidious (2010) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013). The Lambert family believed that moving to a new town would help them leave their troubled past behind. Unfortunately, their past demons have resurfaced, causing fear and terror to return to their lives. The movie is packed with jump scares that will either have you wanting more or have you hiding behind your hands throughout the movie.

We can’t wait for this horror film to hit the cinema to test out our scare-o-meter.

Sympathy for the Devil (28 July 2023)

Nicholas Cage stars in a thrilling, unhinged mystery genre film where he plays a deranged passenger and stirs up a game of cat and mouse with his driver. In the movie, The Passenger poses a continuous series of questions to The Driver. However, if The Driver answers dishonestly, someone will be killed. As The Passenger becomes increasingly deranged, the situation becomes more dangerous. Later in the film, The Driver must find a way to stay alive and escape from the deranged Passenger.

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Biosphere (7 July 2023)

In this comedic film, Billy and Ray are the last two humans on Earth. They must learn to adapt and evolve to save humanity. Despite being long-time friends, they struggle to get along while cooped up in a confinement facility. Throughout the movie, humorous scenes depict the stereotypical behaviour of a heterosexual couple. Ray takes on important tasks like research and cleaning while Billy spends his day gaming. The tension between the two is through the roof, and we look forward to seeing how this riveting movie plays out.

Joy Ride (5 July 2023)

Follow four friends on a comedic journey as they embark on an adventure to search for their best friend’s birth mother. Additionally, the film explores the beautiful bond of friendship and learning what it means to love yourself. Starring the talented and idolised Stephanie Hsu and Ashley Park, this fun, dirty, daring and out-of-the-ordinary film is a cross between The Hangover and Girls Trip.

Talk to me (27 July 2023)

Talk To Me is yet another movie for all the horror junkies out there. Be prepared to be creeped out by this movie’s chilling plot. With the use of an embalmed hand, a group of friends start a trending game at a party. The game involves being possessed by a random spirit while holding the hand. However, if the hand is held for more than ninety seconds, the person will be possessed by the said spirit. Taking an unexpected turn, the boundary between the two worlds crumbles and the main character, Mia, is haunted by the supernatural hallucinations that take place after the game.

Theatre Camp (14 July 2023)

Lastly, on our guide to all the new movies in July 2023 is Theatre Camp. Starring the theatre expert Ben Platt, this mockumentary follows a group of whimsical theatre teachers and the son of a theatre camp’s founder in their efforts to save the camp from financial ruin before opening night. The mockumentary showcases how teachers used eccentric methods to help children express themselves through theatre in their own unique way. Capturing the real-life essence of theatre, directors Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman have highlighted every aspect with the use of memorable lines and unique characters.