The BAZAAR Guide to The Rainforest Fringe Festival 2019

Rippling up this July once again is festival du jour, The Rainforest Fringe Festival. It would seem that everyone is finally hip to the RFF which lifts aside the multiple veils of art, culture, food and tradition to reveal the mysterious essence of Sarawak and her ties within the region. The charisma and instincts of Joe Sidek are a visible force for the third year running with a programme that is at once boldly eclectic and intimately insightful. If you’ve snagged a flight to Kuching this weekend, give yourself and the festival the unqualified love it deserves and head on over to check out what the festival has to offer. 

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In Voices


‘In Voices’ is a platform for Sarawak’s rich tradition of oral storytelling. The programme presents an evening of haunting tales by community storytellers – Neyna Radzuan, Charlotte Hunter, Dunstan Chan, Alvin Danker, MacLean Patrick and Tingang Trang who will be generously sharing this valuable snapshot of invisible heritage. Curated by Shireen Zainudin and Alasdair Clayre.

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