6 Ways to Be Comfortably Sustainable At Home

BAZAAR is sharing some of the local top go-to brands for staying earth-aware while at home this Earth Day. Even in these extraordinary times, there are still ways to keep sustainable practices top of mind. Let's celebrate sustainability and awareness every day. From beauty to cleaning products, to pyjamas, loungewear, and the chair you sit on, BAZAAR highlights a few products that can make our homes more sustainable.

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3. Sustainable and Local Beauty

“To remedy our skin is to return to the ground where our roots grow, extracting only natural elements from the earth, grain and sand to nurture the skin.” This is what Root Remedies believe in. A dedicated skincare brand, Root Remedies bring high quality products for all, only with natural ingredients

Root Remedies

From handmade soaps using cruelty-free ingredients to vegan skincare of safe and sustainable produce to copper jugs which provides natural healing properties, improve immune system, and aid digestion. Shop Unplug uses their platform not just to promote their own sustainable products but to highlight other conscious brands as well for the consumers’ benefit. These local brands include Speak Skin Beauty and  Rad Alchemist, amongst others.

Speak Skin Beauty

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