6 Ways to Be Comfortably Sustainable At Home

BAZAAR is sharing some of the local top go-to brands for staying earth-aware while at home this Earth Day. Even in these extraordinary times, there are still ways to keep sustainable practices top of mind. Let's celebrate sustainability and awareness every day. From beauty to cleaning products, to pyjamas, loungewear, and the chair you sit on, BAZAAR highlights a few products that can make our homes more sustainable.

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5. Reduce the Usage of Water

Gramp’s designs all of their cleaning products to break down oil and grease, and turn it into a water-based solution that is 100% environmentally-friendly. Their products reduce usage of water, monetary cost, labour, time, and harmful industrial waste. With no unnecessary synthetics from floor cleaners, dishwashing liquid, to mosquito sprays, Gramp’s is the go-to brand in helping save the environment.






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