Donate Now: How You Can Help in This Extended Lockdown

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To say that times are tough is an understatement. Lockdown has been extended until we reach below 4,000 daily COVID-19 cases, employment and income has been severely impacted, the Raykat is frustrated, the ones who need help, particularly the B40 households, aren’t getting enough assistance from the government, and suicide is on the rise with as much as 336 cases reported in the first quarter of 2021. It is indeed a sad moment in time for our country.

However, amid the crisis, there are heroes among us. Aside from the frontliners who are risking their lives to help the ones who are affected by this disease, there are those who go above and beyond and respond with immediate action such as NGOs, charities, and everyday citizens who raise donations and awareness for urgent social issues. You too can help amplify their efforts by supporting and donating within your means. Here's a list of some ways you can assist.

*If you are lonely or having negative thoughts, contact Befrienders KL at 03-76272929, or 04-281 5161/1108 in Penang, or 05-547 7933/7955 in Ipoh.

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Fugee’s Food Drive Donation

Deborah Henry’s Fugee Org is raising funds to provide food packages for 200 families in need. RM100 feeds a family. To donate, see bank details below:

Liberty to Learn Bhd

RHB 2142 7700 0580 70

Ref: Food Aid

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