A Cosmic Look at Your Next 7 Years

Each member of our Zodiac will have a unique message for this next 7 year chapter as Uranus will occupy a new area of your sky map starting May 15.

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Uranus is the planet of freedom and awakening so expect to break through the ceiling and fly beyond what you thought was possible in this key area of your life. The New Moon in Taurus, also on May 15, will kick off this theme so pay attention to the events of this coming week as they will be foretelling for your new 7 year trend. Yes, you will need to courageously step into this new potential.

Remember to read for your rising sign too.


Make waves in your money. This means it’s time to take that risk at last and begin doing the work that you actually love. Also you may like to invest money into what you truly value so that it can take prominence in your life.


Electrical Uranus in your sign for 7 years means this will be a cycle of literally re-inventing yourself and your life on the deepest levels. Be bold and make that sweeping change of lifestyle. You will be supported.


Stark flashes of insight and self-realization will guide your way through this chapter. You will be crushing down those old mental blocks, creating the space where the new possibilities will flourish. It all starts in your mind.


Your vibe attracts your tribe. And your aspirations seem to be extending way beyond the lines of your current company. Cultivate these new and exciting ideas. The collaborations you need will follow.


It’s time to align your career path with your truth. Strike out on your own in this 7 year cycle, explore technology, metaphysics, a dream job, and consider that your work can be divinely inspired.


You will begin to share your message with a larger audience in this 7 year cycle. Your message is evolving as well, so welcome in the change. Break-through in publishing, broadcasting and media.


It’s time to welcome more trust and abundance into your life. Though first you will need to break down and heal the old love and money story. Uranus in Taurus will help you to do just that with break-through experiences.


Your relationship or your current view of relationships is ready for an upgrade. No more glossing over, complacency or anything less than real love and partnership for you. Trust the process.


New health goals are great, though more importantly, this will be about letting go of the unhealthy routines that can get in the way of your potential. A new daily practice and hobby will transform you at the core.


The path of love will be electrifying, dynamic, and will change the way you see the world. Go out and play in the magic Cap – this will be worth it. A brand new sense of freedom and connection will emerge.


Within Uranus in Taurus, you may suddenly decide to relocate, buy a dream home, or maybe you simply re-imagine your current pad. Stay flexible as lifestyle and home will be in flux to match your true values.


It looks like a creative project will open doors for you, expanding your social and business networks. There will be new technologies and skills to learn along with this. Stay focused on your vision.

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR US