Why Don’t You…? By Ben Hassett

Ben Hassett

… visit a museum off the beaten track? The New York Hall of Science (www.nysci.org) is well worth a visit. They have very interesting exhibitions. The one exhibition I found the most interesting is ‘Seeing the Light’, where visitors can learn about the connection between the eye and the brain.

Vogue Germany 2017. Courtesy of Ben Hassett

… view life from a different perspective? I really enjoyed reading Curtis Dawkins’s collection of stories, written while in jail, called The Graybar Hotel. As an addict and committed felon, he is serving life without parole for murder. However, his work has such vitality, written from a prisoner’s perspective that is often overlooked. I could read him over and over.

DiorMag 2016. Courtesy of Ben Hassett

… meet someone you revere? I once made a portrait of David Bailey at his studio and thought he was hilarious. It’s the only time I’ve ever been nervous about meeting someone I was about to photograph, and I was so relieved that he eased all my tension. He was a great raconteur. I never expected his stories to be as good as his pictures, but they are.

Harper’s BAZAAR 2014. Courtesy of Ben Hassett

… discover the beauty and art of movies? The Story of Film: An Odyssey by Mark Cousins, based on his 2004 book The Story Of Film, is one of the most incredible films I have ever seen. It’s a five-hour documentary dedicated to the powerful art form of cinema. I can watch anything by Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and Werner Herzog endlessly. I also like Step Brothers and Die Hard. I mean, who doesn’t?

Harper’s BAZAAR 2016. Courtesy of Ben Hassett

… be on the lookout for emerging talents? I look at a lot of collage and I’m also excited to find out about new photographers. There are a lot of very interesting people working with photography and making books. I was unaware of Shirana Shahbazi until a few months ago. Her vivid works on abstraction and representation are incredible and totally surprising.

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