How to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Women's History Month

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March has settled in marking the beginning of Women’s History month. 

Every year in March, Women’s History Month calls for the celebration of women. Although it’s important to honour women all year long, this annual event offers a chance to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women. It also campaigns for good change in gender equality and is a great opportunity to raise money for female-focused charities.

Women’s History Month also encourages conversations on gender stereotypes, denounces discrimination, brings attention to bias, and promotes inclusivity. The celebration can be a great conversation starter that explores the differences between gender equality and equity. People have varying opportunities because of their different backgrounds, therefore equality may not always be fair, emphasising the need for equitable actions.

Women’s History Month is gender-inclusive, so you may celebrate regardless of your gender. All forms of appreciation are welcomed and here are some ways to celebrate the special month.

Here are ways to celebrate Women’s History Month

Contribute to a Female Cause of Choice

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The iconic month has provided an opportunity for women to support women. Some of the best ways to aid other women this month are by donating to recognised organisations that are women-focused, whether locally or worldwide. You can donate locally through the Women’s Aid Organisation and globally through Women For Women International. Even a small donation can make a big difference. 

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Other than that, you can support the cause by volunteering at different organisations and engaging with the ladies there! 

Host a movie night

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If you plan to stay in, throw a movie night at your house and invite some friends over to catch women-centric or women-directed movies such as, I Am Greta13thHidden Figures, Little Women and Lady Bird. 

Despite the increased representation of women in film, we must admit that there is still a significant gender gap in the industry. So, the best way to continue empowering women is by always supporting them even if it’s through films

Plan a Girls Day Out

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to celebrate. Schedule a girls’ day out with your closest female pals any time this March. Make sure to carve out some time in your busy schedule to celebrate sisterhood with your girlfriends. Here are some options to choose from.

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Spend a relaxing day being pampered at a spa or nail salon, like Nail Smith Publika, with your best girl friends. Take a break from your busy schedule to catch up with your buddies and share your love of sisterhood and self-care.


Photo: The Flow Studio

Unwind with your besties through a revitalising yoga session. For recommendations, try The Flow Studio. You’ll feel empowered, both mentally and physically. So, lay out your mats, take a deep breath and let your troubles drift away.


Women's History Month

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Take a moment and indulge in your more artistic side. Painting and tufting classes like ones provided by Sip and Paint and Tuft Space can be incredibly therapeutic. As an added bonus, you’ll have something to take home as a gift at the end of the day.

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Participate in an Event

Women's History Month

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The greatest way to meet other like-minded women who share similar interests is by joining women-focused events. One of the best parts about these activities is that there are so many kinds to select from. Visit A.P Art Gallery for their ‘In Her Eyes’ art exhibition in conjunction with IWD, or join Microsoft and Girls in Tech – Code; Without Barriers Meetup KL. If you’re looking to break some sweat, be sure to check out Black Sheep Cycling X The Bike Artisans WMN Ride Kuala Lumpur. 

Support women-owned business

Women's History Month

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Support your favourite girl bosses this month by making purchases from female-owned and operated businesses. This is one way of minimising the gender gap in the business. Not planning to buy anything? Don’t fret. Sharing, liking, and commenting on their product posts is another way you can support the businesses. Check out these local brands such as Wanderlust + Co, Oh Sebenar, Whimsigirl, and Hanya, which are all run by amazing women.