Snacks That Go Perfectly With Your Wine


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Bougie up your movie night snacks with these wine pairings

Selecting snacks that effortlessly complements your wine selection can feel like an elaborate affair. However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend hours cooking a fancy steak dinner, so you can have it with a nice bottle of wine. There are no fixed rules when it comes to pairing food and wine. Wine can be a fun everyday drink as long as you know how to pair it.

The burning question on everyone’s mind and the reason we are all gathered here is what wine can you pair with your favourite movie night snacks? From popcorn to gummies and pizza, we’ve rounded-up wines that go well with your favourite screen-time munchies.

Sweet popcorn


Roscato Bianco Dolce

The Roscato Bianco Dolce (RM75) is an irresistible, deliciously sweet wine from Northern Italy. With delicate notes of peach, yellow apple and candied citrus, the wine has a sweet, refreshing, lingering, and fizzy finish. The Roscato’s fruity aftertaste makes it a stunning pair with the sweetness of caramel popcorn.

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Salted popcornsnacks


Domaine Lafond ‘Blanc’ Lirac Roc-epine 2017

If you’re a big fan of salted popcorn, the Domaine Lafond Blanc Lirac Roc-epine 2017 (RM158) should be your choice of pairing. Concocted with peaches and apricots, this win has a bright, refreshing taste. Full of floral and sweet delights this wine is also perfect for brunch!

Sweet or sour gummies

Cavit Collection ‘Riesling’ 2019

The Cavit Collection Riesling 2019 (RM88) is a medium body, dry, and structured white wine. It holds notes of apricots, peaches, and pear – all thanks to its birthplace – the Italian Dolomite Alps. The excellent growing conditions there help pack this wine with fruity and sweet flavours. Usually, paired with poultry and fish, this delightful wine is also great paired with sweet or sour gummies.

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Pete’s Pure Shiraz 2020

Pete’s Pure Shiraz 2020 (RM100) is a full-bodied ruby, red wine that imparts a complex flavour with the help of blackberry, blueberry, cherry, oak, and dark chocolate. Dubbed bold and beautiful, this elegant wine pairs wonderfully with chocolate because of its soft tannin and brilliant spice profile.



Domaine De Majas ‘Cotes Catalanes Rouge’ 2021

Domaine De Majas Cotes Catalanes Rouge 2021 (RM144) is a medium-bodied red wine. Made with blackberry, cherry, blueberry, and raspberry, this fruity yet aromatic wine has a pleasant acidity that’s great when paired with nachos that are packed with jalapenos and cheese. The spicy red wine has a rich and intense tasting palate that matches anything savoury. 

Hot dogs, fries, and pizza


Telmo Rodriguez ‘Lz Rioja’ 2019

For those who enjoy savoury foods like hot dogs, fries, and pizza during a good Netflix & Chill sesh will enjoy the pairing of the Telmo Rodriguez LZ Rioja 2019 (RM124). With floral and spicy notes, this intense red berry wine has a medium to full body structure with very fine tannins as well as a beautiful fine-grained finish. Made with cherry, oak, and blackberry notes – this wine goes well with a ton of savoury dishes.

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Chips – Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, Cheddar


Ciu Ciu ‘San Carro’ IGP 2020

The Ciu Ciu San Carro IGP 2020 (RM127) is a bold, full-bodied red wine with notes of ripe cherries, red fruit, strawberries, and a dash of fungi. It’s a powerful modern ruby red that has the ability to age well and with its fresh aromatic flavours it’s the best kind of wine for salty foods such as chips.

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