Greek Islands To Visit This Year

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Greece appears, again and forever, at the top of the list of the best summer destinations especially because of their beautiful greek islands. Surrounded by crystalline turquoise waters, covered in powder white sand, and soaking in the rays of nearly endless summers, Greece continues to be a beacon for wanderers since the dawn of travel. From Mykonos to Poros, here are the most beautiful islands to explore.


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If you’re looking for relaxation, then you might want to sail on. Dubbed the party island, Mykonos is base camp for glamour and international jet setters. But in between all the glitz you will find delicious authentic Greek food, beautiful whitewashed buildings with colourful doors, a waterfront full of fishing boats, and fun beach clubs. 

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Greek Islands

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With its whitewashed buildings and blazing sunsets, Santorini is labelled one of the most romantic places in the world. And for those who travel there, that’s exactly what they seek. This original ‘love island’ is a top favourite for honeymooners, proposers, and the besotted. But, that shouldn’t deter solo or family travellers from visiting the island. If done right, it can also be the perfect setting for a carefree holiday. 


Greek Islands

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For a less touristy but equally enchanting part of Greece, head to Poros. Extra points if you rent a boat with friends and sail there! Made for adventure junkies, Poros is the perfect destination for water-sports, swimming, and diving in crystal blue water. The picturesque Poros town is surrounded with beautiful neoclassical buildings and fishing boats that line the seafront, making for a great photo op.

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Greek Islands

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Known as the birthplace of Zeus, Crete has ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, antique stores, snow-capped mountain peaks, and sunshine all year round! If your interest lies in history, then Crete is your go-to island for sightseeing, dining, and antique shopping. 


Greek Islands

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For the longest time, the Cycladic island of Milos glid under the radar and was a secret destination among the Greeks, but now it’s becoming a tourist hotspot. With more than 40 exotic beaches, Milos stands out with its spellbinding volcanic landscape. White rock formations, indigo bays, picturesque fishing village, waterfront bars, and delicious local food make Milos the hidden gem you need to visit! 

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