Lee Dong-Wook and Wi Ha-Jun on Their Roles in ‘Bad and Crazy’


Bad and Crazy


These two names are no stranger to the K-drama scene – Lee Dong-Wook, who rose to face in 2005 for his role in the romantic comedy My Girl, and rising actor Wi Ha-Jun of Squid Game – and together, they star in the much-anticipated 12-episode series Bad and Crazy that’s already a hit since its premiere last week.


Bad and Crazy


Overall, the drama centres around a police inspector named Ryu Su Yeol (played by Lee Dong-Wook) who has questionable work ethics and is looking to get ahead in life. His world suddenly becomes chaotic when he crosses paths with ‘K’ (played by Wi Ha-Jun), a crazy yet righteous vigilante who is not afraid to uphold justice. Other characters include a hot-blooded narcotics officer Lee Hui Gyeom (played by Han Ji Eun) and a kind junior police office named O Gyeong Tae (played by Cha Hak Yeon).

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 At the press conference held recently before the drama’s premiere, the two leading actors shared their thoughts on their characters. 


Bad and Crazy


Wi Ha-Jun on playing ‘K’

“He’s a tough guy. He likes to swing his fists and he calls himself a hero. Since he is as naive and innocent as a child, he is cute in a way. So he has a lot of layers that you can see in him. He’s a very intense character because there are so many sides to him. At times, I was a little bit exhausted. It was not easy to play this character but I pulled it off.”


Lee Dong-Wook on playing Ryu Su Yeol

“The script itself was very entertaining. So I just wanted to stick to it and really needed to do my part well. I had the freedom of expressing my character the way that I wanted to as the director allowed me that flexibility. In terms of embodying my character and being on set, I tried to have as many conversations as possible with the director in terms of the details in order to play the role better.”

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Bad and Crazy premiered on December 17 at 9.50 PM on iQiyi International. New episodes are released on Fridays and Saturdays.
All images are courtesy of iQiyi International