10 Hollywood Actresses On The Torment Of Wearing A Corset


Hollywood stars often suffer for their art - particularly when it comes to the gruelling costumes they often have to wear to recreate historical dramas. Namely, the corset.

Although the constraints of a corset can reflect the limitations of women's rights during those periods, it can also have serious physical effects on those wearing it.

Here are 10 actresses speaking out about the physical and emotional torment of wearing the restrictive garment below...

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Lily James


Despite wearing period costumes for Lady Rose in Downton Abbey,nothing could prepare James for the “torture” of wearing that corset in Disney’s Cinderella.

“My corset was so tight, I could only have liquid food,” the actress told The Daily Mail.

The Mamma Mia! 2 star added that wearing the famous blue gown in the film was “torture”.

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