10 Hollywood Actresses On The Torment Of Wearing A Corset


Hollywood stars often suffer for their art - particularly when it comes to the gruelling costumes they often have to wear to recreate historical dramas. Namely, the corset.

Although the constraints of a corset can reflect the limitations of women's rights during those periods, it can also have serious physical effects on those wearing it.

Here are 10 actresses speaking out about the physical and emotional torment of wearing the restrictive garment below...

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Emma Watson


The actress and women’s right advocate refused to wear a corset in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast because she wanted Belle to reflect a modern-day woman.

Watson also wanted her contemporary princess to have agency and be in control of her actions, rather than being reduced to a “corseted, impossible idea of female beauty.”

Designers removed the corset from her iconic yellow dress and replaced it with a flexible bodice.

“Nothing she wears is inhibiting,” designer Jacqueline Durran told WWD. “She can do whatever she would want to do in any of her costumes. She rides a horse.”

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