Jennifer Lopez Keeps the Christmas Spirit Alive at the Golden Globes

Valerie Macon Getty Images

  • Jennifer Lopez stepped onto the Golden Globes red carpet in a Valentino gown that featured an oversized bow.
  • The Golden Globe nominee for Best Supporting Actress accessorized the look with diamond and emerald jewelry by Harry Winston.

When it comes to appearances on the red carpet, Jennifer Lopez is the gift that keeps on giving—consider what she did for Versace 20 years ago. This year, it appears that J.Lo has taken this comparison literally.

The singer-slash-actress—who is nominated for her supporting role in Hustlers—walked onto this year’s Golden Globes red carpet in a shoulder-less ball gown by Valentino, which featured an oversized green-and-gold bow and white skirt. She paired it with a parure made of emeralds and diamonds by Harry Winston.

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With descriptors like that, it is safe to say that J.Lo and her stylist Rob Zangardi are still trying to keep Christmas alive. From the juxtaposition of colors to the shimmering fabric, she was a virtual present come to life. Factor in that the carpet leading to the venue is red, and Lopez was the embodiment of what many of us celebrated a couple weeks ago. That, or she is characteristically trying to push boundaries of award show fashion.

Indeed, the Versace dress she wore two decades back didn’t get the heap of praise that it does now. So, maybe this Valentino dress will receive less comparisons to the yuletide. But as of tonight, we are anticipating all the memes that will surely ensue on social media.

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR US