Presley Gerber Gets Tattoo Tribute To Sister Kaia

Presley Gerber has unveiled a tattoo tribute to his sister Kaia.

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The inking, which he revealed in an Instagram post, features his model sibling’s name with the roman numerals for 23 beneath. Why Gerber chose 23 is unexplained, although fans have speculated that it refers to both Presley and Kaia’s birth dates – July 3 and September 3.


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Kaia and Presley’s girlfriend Charlotte D’Alessio accompanied him to Bang Bang Tattoos in New York , where an image of the trio was posted to the Instagram account of tattoo artist Jonathan Valena.

As if further evidence was needed that the Gerbers are a close knit bunch, Presley’s mother, Cindy Crawford, father Rande and Kaia all commented on the photo – with Cindy posting “cool”, Rande writing “RG + JG APPROVED!” and Kaia adding “best bro in the world”.

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK