Olympia Campbell Claims Photographers Blacklist Models Who Won’t Date Them

Olympia Campbell has claimed that photographers will blacklist models if they refuse to date them.

Edie and Olympia Campbell – Getty Images

“There are definitely photographers – and I’ve been warned by my agency – that are renowned for trying to make a move on some of the girls,” Campbell told The Telegraph Magazine.

“It might be that this person’s very flirty, he’ll meet you for a casting and book you for a job and maybe ask you out for a drink,” she continued. “If you don’t go you’re probably not going to get booked on the job again. That doesn’t matter so much for me because I’m doing other things, but I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who do really want the next job.”

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Olympia is not the first Campbell to speak out about the mistreatment of models – her sister Edie penned an open letter urging the industry to put an end to systematic abuse and negligence.

“We operate within a culture that is too accepting of abuse, in all of its manifestations. This can be the ritual humiliation of models, belittling of assistants, power plays and screaming fits,” Edie wrote. “We have come to see this as simply a part of the job. Although we may not all, as individuals, have actively contributed to this culture, every time we turn a blind eye, our silence perpetuates that culture. Our inaction makes us complicit.”

The Campbell sisters join a chorus of models speaking out about their experiences within the fashion industry, including Cameron Russell and Kate Upton. Yesterday, Coco Rocha and Abbey Lee joined the conversation by partaking in an extensive investigation by the Boston Post that accuses 25 fashion industry professionals of sexual misconduct.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK

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