The Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia Team in 24 Hours

9.15AM The office door opens to a dark and empty floor at Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia. The first ones in, fashion stylist Mughni Che Din and assistant editor Audra Roslani make their way to their desks, before brewing themselves a cup of coffee. Ever the experimentalist, Mughni concocts his own custom blend of coffee and Milo, of which he jokingly dubs “kwai-lo”. Slowly but surely, the floor starts to fill with the sound of heels clacking and telephones ringing.

10.15AM By now, the team is already fully assembled at their desks, eyes glued to the glare of their computer screens, especially for art director Teng Siew Lee and graphic designer Marie Lim, who are working on the issue’s layouts and visualising design concepts, whether it’s working on product flat lays for Instagram, special projects such as the Beauty or Spa Awards, and banners for BAZAAR’s upcoming events.

Art Director, Teng Siew Lee sifting through past covers for BAZAAR’s 15th Anniversary Issue

Graphic Designer, Marie Lim working on a flatlay

11.15AM The idea of a fixed schedule doesn’t necessarily apply to #TeamBAZAAR, as anyone could be anywhere at any given time. Features writer Emmilyn Yeoh’s Insta-gallery is most evident of that, as she whizzes from an epicurean journey at Sitka Studio in Damansara Heights to haunting art galleries in London’s South Bank. Her most recent adventure? A ski trip in Hokkaido, Japan.

Features Writer, Emmilyn Yeoh and Patrick Dempsey after an interview

12.15PM Lunchtime. More often than not, the team struggles to come to a unanimous vote on where to have lunch, unless it’s Way Modern Chinois in Work@Clearwater, or Edo-style tempura by Ginza Tenkuni.

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1.15PM Afternoons are always a mission for Mughni. Either stuck in traffic or shooting the latest pieces fresh off the runways, BAZAAR’s stylist spends most of his time producing fashion spreads. On an easy day, exquisite samples such as Saint Laurent’s Yeti boots or a prismatic Chanel jacket will find their way to the office, prompting “oohs” and “aahs” from the team. Other times, Mughni’s bubbly and vivacious character will keep spirits at a high, like a candid Insta-story of him dressed as an Emirates air stewardess.

Fashion Stylist, Mughni Che Din leading a style session at Fendi’s Suria KLCC boutique opening

2.15PM Another hour, another event—this time, for sub-editor Nen Lin Soo, who has become BAZAAR’s very own automotive expert. Trust her to know the difference between “horsepower” and “torque”; not surprising as she test drives one thrilling supercar after another, like the Mercedes-AMG GT S. If we’re lucky, we might even be able to hop in on a ride with her to and from lunch.

Sub-Editor, Nen Lin Soo doing first-class travel right, as she rides the Mercedes-Benz SLC 200 through tea estates

3.15PM It’s 8.15am in Paris and Natasha Kraal is already out and about on the other side of the world. Over the years, BAZAAR’s editor-in-chief has attended some of the industry’s most exclusive events (like Fendi’s 90th anniversary haute fourrure show at the Trevi Fountain in Rome), and interviewed the industry’s movers and shakers (think Karl Lagerfeld and Rei Kawakubo). It’s no easy feat juggling between sending the magazine to print and being on the move. Still, Natasha finds time to bring back treats for the team, including personalised notes from Florence and artisanal chocolates from Paris.

Editor-In-Chief, Natasha Kraal catches an exclusive backstage interview with Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of women’s collection at Louis Vuitton, in Rio de Janeiro

4.15PM If no one from the team is away, tea and cookies will be had at the pantry, courtesy of some of BAZAAR’s most generous clients. At times, particularly during the festive seasons, gift baskets arrive by the dozens, filled with delectable chocolates or sometimes, cake. Mid-afternoon is also a time for meetings on prospective projects—BAZAAR’s latest being the highly anticipated BAZAAR News.

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5.15PM The telephone rings and a parcel is waiting for beauty writer Anne Lee at the lobby. She brings it up, and much to the team’s surprise, it is an oversized box filled with beauty products, from lipsticks to face creams. A beauty buff herself, she immediately swatches everything and starts to flat lay products with Marie for the gram (@harpersbazaarmy).

Beauty Writer, Anne Lee shading and highlighting for the ultimate glow up

6.15PM Work ends, but that usually isn’t the case for #TeamBAZAAR. No rest for the wicked, they say! Sorting through the issue’s features and articles, Audra stays in to ensure the magazine’s production runs smoothly, having just returned from Los Angeles after an interview with Hollywood actress Felicity Jones.

Assistant Editor, Audra Roslani on the go in Beverly Hills

7.15PM Traffic truly is the bane of every KL-ite, particularly for web editor Elyza Khamil. Constantly on the move covering the city’s most anticipated events, Elyza spends an average of two to three hours a day stuck in traffic, but never fails to arrive at an event dressed to the nines. At any given occasion, you can find her interviewing or documenting events through Instagram.

Web Editor, Elyza Khamil dressed to the nines at an event

8.15PM While the team returns home, fashion editor Amy Yasmine is on her way to a fashion show in New York. Over the past week, the season’s trends are highlighted (Animal prints! Florals for autumn!), while interviews with designers like Self-Portrait’s Han Chong and Michael Kors are transcribed for the magazine’s upcoming issues. Amid the after parties and zigzagging through traffic, jet lag creeps up and at the stroke of midnight, and sleep beckons. Funny, because just 30 minutes later, a telephone call blares through the night, just as the offices start to open once again at 9am in the morning, thousands of miles away…

Fashion Editor, Amy Yasmine on the streets of New York Fashion Week with Grace O’Neill, BAZAAR Australia’s digital fashion editor