Ryan Gosling Is More Adorable Than Ever In These SNL Skits


Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live and delivered all the Ryan Gosling adorableness we could’ve hoped for. The evening’s broadcast started off with a song about Canada (because what else can you make fun of him for?), then moved into a series of skits that ranged from an alien abduction (during which Gosling *totally* couldn’t keep it together) to naughty Christmas elves. Catch up on the highlights from the evening’s episode below—try to keep from falling (more) in love with Gosling.

Original Post, 12/4: How does Saturday Night Live follow up an excellent Thanksgiving episode starring Matthew McConaughey and Adele? With none other than Ryan Gosling and musical guest Leon Bridges. To promote his very first hosting gig, Gosling stepped in front of the camera with SNL cast member Aidy Bryant for one of the funniest promo videos we’ve seen yet. What better way to welcome him than by trying to sneak in an onscreen kiss or dropping a corny pickup line? Gosling and Bryant also share some sweet bonding moments like planning to work out—which they call “wailing on their pecs”—together (“I can bench like, 250,” Bryant boasts) and recreating a scene from Titanic, which doesn’t end well.