Sacha Walckhoff’s World of Imagination

Sacha Walckhoff. Photographed by Francis Amian

Nothing says elaborately chic more than a Parisian home, and this is very much the case for Sacha Walckhoff, creative director of Christian Lacroix Paris and Christian Lacroix Maison, and his partner, Pascal Ferrero. Having worked under the man Christian Lacroix himself from 1992 to 2009 as a design assistant, Sacha describes his current helm at the French label as an accident. “I wasn’t really interested in the job initially, but I met with Lacroix and we hit it off immediately,” Walckhoff shares. “I guess it is chemistry. You meet someone new and you know in your gut, instinctively, that a special bond is about to form,” he says as he recalls the good old days when he was young and hungry for different challenges. When Lacroix walked away from the business in 2009, Walckhoff was asked to step into his mentor’s shoes. “I was so nervous and scared. It was an honour, but also a very big task.”

The hallway, featuring a decorative vintage floor lamp Walckhoff acquired from London’s Portobello Road Market. Photographed by Francis Amian

Fast forward to today, the brand has proven that venturing into home interiors was the right decision, and a very smart one. The lifestyle department has expanded over the years and its main focus is on the quality and creativity of its collections, which include home furnishings, tableware, stationery, and candles.

Group of bishops, metallic reliquaries from early 19th century. Photographed by Francis Amian

Walckhoff’s apartment is the accurate reflection of this vision. With a mix-and-match style synonymous with the brand, Walckhoff’s home is a glitzy combination of collectables, knick-knacks and more importantly, art. “Each and every room matters. There is a special purpose as to how it was decorated.”

The bedroom. Photographed by Francis Amian

Deftly navigating us through every corner of the apartment, Walckhoff further elaborates, “The vestibule is dark and dramatic, which sets the mood and gives a suspense of sorts. The living room opens up to this fun and artsy space. Then, you walk into our bedroom and you should feel a sense of cosiness.” The centrepiece of the bedroom is a bespoke B Bed, one of Walckhoff’s creations for Savoir Beds, while the Anne de Solène bed linen helps exude a certain warmth. Everything else within that space is simple. An extensive library of books spreads across the room. “We spend a lot of time in the middle of these books, looking for inspiration and exchanging ideas,” Walckhoff adds.

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