6 Treats to Start The New Year

Smokin’ hot chocolate

Smoked Hot Chocolate
A chocolate brewhouse dedicated entirely to the art of liquid cocoa, Mörk Chocolate is lighting up the food scene in Melbourne. Tasting the customer favourite, Campfire Chocolate, is a process. Lift the reversed glass to release smoke, pour the dark chocolate over, before finishing it with the house-smoked salt. Swirl in the torched marshmallow for a touch of sweetness.

Caramelised banana, nutella and bacon, anyone?

Nutella and Bacon
Picture this: crispy bacon, laced with the creaminess of chocolate hazelnut, atop a thin, crusty baguette. Tiki Taka’s owners were inspired by their Spanish gastronomic experiences. Served in the size of a pincho, a popular snack in Spain, it’s the perfect savoury-sweet marriage. Tiki Taka, 138, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 016-328 7438

Union Fare’s signature flavoured croissants

Flavoured Croissants
New York pastry chef Thiago Silva’s refreshing twist struck him when he was experimenting with doughnuts. Multiple trial and errors resulted in this multilayered delight of birthday cake, cookies and cream, and PB&J flavours.

A beautiful mess served on a plate

Salad in A Jar
Certain things just never go out of trend. In this instance, a good salad. Packed with superfood ingredients, Garden In a Jar is a mélange of organic quinoa, pomegranate bits, mango chunks, cherry tomatoes, and toasted almonds. The light tangy dressing makes sure that a tasty meal is in order. Pan & Tamper, D1-G3-9, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-6206 2929

Breizh Café’s exotic ingredients

Buckwheat Galette
You have the usual crêpe—soft, light, and sweet—then you have the galette—crispy, rustic, and earthy. Made with organic buckwheat flour, this Breton specialty puts Breizh Café above the rest. With well-sourced produce, this Parisian spot turns a cliché into something refreshing. For the adventurous, go for the cancalaise of smoked herring, Saint-Malo potatoes, and herring roe.

Customisable poke bowls at A Poke Theory

Poke Bowls
Poke means “to slice or to cut” and a typical poke bowl consists of cubes of raw fish, seasoned and arranged over piping hot rice. Singaporean food joint A Poke Theory creates modern renditions of the traditional delight. The new poke bowls now incorporate quinoa, zucchini noodles, avocado, and flavoured kelp.