Tengku Chanela Jamidah on the Value of Self-Worth and Turning Failure Into Success

Tengku Chanela Jamidah

Image courtesy of Tengku Chanela Jamidah


The Pahang royal is a champion of change. Having been actively involved in the homegrown fashion, beauty and retail industry for many years, she now embarks on a different kind of journey in the United States with the ultimate goal of seeking wellness and inner peace. Despite her busy schedule, Tengku Chanela makes time to share her life updates with us.


How has your life been?

“I’m feeling blessed to be living in Los Angeles, minutes away from the beach. My children are happy, my eldest just started high school and my youngest is in second grade. I’m a single mum loving my life and grateful to be able to have the liberty and freedom awarded to me in a society that promotes creativity, entrepreneurship and the exploration of self and individual identity.”



What’s new in terms of work?

“I birth my latest baby/startup: Halal Hemp. It’s an exciting universe of cannabis reclamation and reparation through education, strategic partnerships and the integration of pop culture. I’m giving us Eastern folks a voice as cannabis has been so embedded in our ancestry and culture that there are so many beautiful stories to share with the world. I’m preparing for my first panel event in LA, assembling my team and finding time to be present and centred through my wellness brand JIWA.”

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Who are you today?

“I’m a lot more in tune with my body and my inner worlds. I have always been curious and multi-faceted but I recognise now, more than ever, my self-worth and the value I bring to the world as an individual by being authentically me and stepping into that power. I don’t like labels or defining who I am because I’m adaptable and always going with the flow of the universe.”



What do you consider your greatest achievement in life?

“Inner peace and coming to terms with who I am. Reparenting myself and working through all my trauma so I can show up fully in a world where apathy and lack of compassion reigns. I think it’s important for us to remember that it should never be about awards, titles, money or fame. When we all choose to heal ourselves we can contribute to making the world a better place and all our relationships, projects and will stand to benefit.”

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What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“Being in a crowd dancing with others, vibing out and vibrating at the same frequency. I also love hiking and being out in nature and going on trails and beach walks. Nature is abundant in California and I expose my children to it because I want them to understand and appreciate what Mother Earth provides.”



What steps have you taken to remain calm and under pressure during the pandemic?

“I’m committed to my meditation practice. There are also days when I make sure I recharge and disconnect from people and tech. I need a lot of alone time. I use cannabis for wellness, managing my sleep patterns and anytime I feel anxious.”


What is the greatest injustice you’ve personally experienced?

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“There have been a couple that has been very traumatic but at the same time, I don’t dwell on it. What I can’t change, I let go.”


What is your best trait?

“My heart and the gifts that come out of it. Compassion, kindness, care and love.”


What is your greatest failure? How have you turned your greatest failure into a learning experience?

“I don’t see anything as a failure. I see it as an opportunity to learn a lesson. We all make mistakes and we need to forgive ourselves for making them, but wisen up and not repeat them.”


What’s one thing you’d like to share with Malaysians?

“Have the courage to speak your mind, especially women. Exercise your rights and use your voice when you see things that are unfair and unjust,  to yourself and others.”


This article first appeared in GLAM Malaysia by Nisa Halid.
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