Rapper Loco on the New Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager

Tiger want you to feel the twist with their brand new offering: Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager. Available in Gusty Grape and with more flavours to follow, this new refreshing take on the classic soju and beer combination of ‘somaek’ may just be our drink of choice for the summer and beyond.

In celebration of the new drink, Tiger hosted a star studded party which included special guest, Korean rapper, Loco! We managed to catch up with him whilst in KL to hear more about his thoughts of the new Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager and what exciting projects he has lined up.

When you think of Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager, could you please mention one of your songs and why it comes to mind?

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Loco: I have a song called ‘We up there 2’ that comes to mind. It’s a song that expresses a state of being in a very good mood, and it’s like the feeling you get when you drink Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager. Also, another song that comes to mind, although it’s not mine, is GRAY’s ‘Party For The Night’, which I was featured in. The reason is exactly as the title says!

Soju mixed with beer (SoMaek) is becoming famous not only in Korea but worldwide. Did you also enjoy SoMaek before? If you had a preferred alcoholic beverage, please let us know!

Loco: Of course, I enjoy SoMaek very much! I usually prefer beers, but when I want to add a little twist to my drinking experience, I would add a dash of soju. Now, I have Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager.

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From what do you usually draw the most inspiration from when you work on songs?

Loco: I enjoy expressing my emotions, so even the slightest change becomes good inspiration for me. Especially these days, when there’s so much happening around us, inspiration flows.

Do you have any new songs you’re working on or upcoming activities planned?

Loco: I’m trying to release as many songs as possible this year.  Stay tuned for the exciting second half of the year.

Could you please give a brief message to your fans in Malaysia?

Loco: This is my first visit to Malaysia! I know that many fans have been supporting me for a long time. I’m so, so thankful! I’m looking forward to meeting them and having a wonderful time at the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party.

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What are you looking forward to most for the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party in Malaysia?

Loco: Above all, it’s the first time local drinkers get to enjoy Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager together. So, I’m super excited to share this energy with my Malaysian fans.