6 Pink Sand Beaches To Add To Your Bucket List

What makes a pink sand beach? Thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, dead marine creatures with red and pink shells get exposed to the sun, then mixed with white sand. The end result? These stunning pink beaches.

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Harbour Island, The Bahamas

Cute pastel cottages are scattered all over the island

Harbour Island’s magnificent three-mile stretch of fine coral sand and turquoise sea has served as a benchmark for the perfect beach paradise in the Bahamas. As you alight the water taxi, your glam Carribean island retreat kicks off with a stay at the antique-filled, colonial-inspired, India Hicks-designed The Landing. After a good night’s sleep, the flower-lined streets of Dunmore Town beckon, so treat yourself to a relaxing stroll and some photos of the pastel cottages and white picket fences. The mode of transport here is the golf buggy, and the destination is the Rock House restaurant. Delicious locally caught lobsters and sunset views across the bay? Sounds like a winner.

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www.harbourislandlanding.com; www.rockhousebahamas.com

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